Thursday, November 08, 2007

REMIX FEVER! More Late Of The Pier action!

Looks like Late Of The Pier are going to be the Arctic Monkeys of the Klaxon generation.. or something... or the Radiohead of the new rave generation... or... no, none of those are right... well they are fucking awesome is the point. I love em. Thom Yorke loves em. We all love em. There is very little I need to say about them because if you read blogs you already know everything... just in case...

Late of the Pier are an alternative electro pop band from 'home of metal' Castle Donington. Their main success has been throughout London and the new clubs and scenes in the area. Especially in the under-18 scene with shows such as Way Out West and the more recent All Ages Concerts. They have been met with considerable interest over the past year and released thier bedroom recorded debut single Space & The Woods/Heartbeat.Flicker.Line on Way Out West Records.
LOTP finally look set to take off with new single 'Bathroom Gurgle' on Moshi Moshi Records to be released in August 2007.

Band Members:
Rouge Dog Consuela - Drums
Jack Paradise - Akai 1000 Sampler
Francis Dance - Bass Guitar/Synths
Earl Samuel Dust - Lead Guitar/vocals/synths

LA Priest is a related project, whose electro instrumental 'Engine' was released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label.

Word. They are fucking fire. They are now signed to Regal (and the MP3 is courtesy of dear Katherine over there!) which means we can be looking for a full length in the not too distant future. Remember Babyshambles singed to Regal and BAM they had an E.P. out... so hopefully that's on it's way. Anyway, this verions of this song is way more sedate that I expected but I like it... I'm going to back it up with the remix my boys South Central did a couple months back of the same song that will make your brain boil it's so hot. Caliente! Is that how you spell that?

Late Of The Pier- "Space In The Woods (Primary 1 Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)" YSI

Get that South Central remix while you can. HURRY!

In the meantime help make me some money and keep this blog open by opening an eMusic account from here and downloading some other band LIKE LOTP (since they aren't on eMusic yet lol)... maybe the Black Ghosts? Friendly Fires? Talk to you soon...

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We've collected a whole lot of Space and the Woods remixes here if you're interested:

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