Monday, January 14, 2008

Lowline & Nick McCabe of The Verve

You guys know I like to be ahead of the curve... and sometimes I can't pass up good news... even if it doesn't have an MP3 that comes with it! I know you all shit your pants when you heard The Verve were getting back together, so this little nugget of info will surely ignite your interest as well...

14th January 2008


Verve guitarist Nick McCabe joined rising Manchester band Lowline in a secret guerrilla gig in a disused mill on the outskirts of Manchester on Saturday.

The band were at Brunswick Mill, Ancoats to record the video for their debut single ‘Monitors’. Once filming had finished, the 300-plus crowd were treated to a full warehouse gig with McCabe taking to guitar alongside the band. It’s one of those gigs which will go down in Manchester folklore in years to come, in the same ilk as the Stone Roses starting out all those years ago.

Already tipped by The Enemy’s Tom Clarke as “The Best New Band In The Country” and only 30 gigs into their career, Lowline are about to drag Manchester back to the top where it belongs.

‘Monitors’ recorded by Owen Morris (Oasis / The Verve/ New Order) and paid for out of his own pocket after being blown away by the band, will be released March 3rd on 1-2-3-4! Records.

I mean... come on... it's coming out on 1-2-3-4!... Owen Morris? Nick McCabe? The Enemy? If you don't go to their Myspace you've got crack rocks for brains. Check back in the future and I promise you will hear more about these guys and I will certainly get an MP3 next time... until then...

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