Thursday, February 21, 2008

OVERLOAD... A bunch of stuff you need to see/know... LOTP, South Central, Cazals, and errrr... KT Tunstall?

I like how 'yours truly' is in the lower right hand corner of their top friends :)

Ok this isn't a song.. but it's just as cool... trust me... Parlophone just send this gem from Late Of the Pier out a couple days ago...

Watch out here as a stream here or here

Speaking of LOPT... See when Sam and I (as State Crime) try to write a song we try to write songs that sound like you're so fucking dementedly wasted that you can't function... either something really evil and powerful, or something so off base it's like you're falling down the stairs... (even though we are both like the two most sober people on earth lol)... Like you ever get that feeling that you're coming up so fast that you might fucking die? Like you might literally pop right through the fucking ceiling... like that scene where Willy Wonka is in the glass elevator? In my opinion that's how songs should sound if they're gonna capture your attention (or way understated like Burial). Well the last people who really achieved that in song for me were my boys South Central when they did their remix of Late Of The Pier's "Space And the Woods"... which I was reminded of today when their page for that remix popped up as having a birthday on Myspace... which made no sense because it said something about September?!?!

But it reminded me of this mysterious video hyping that awesome bootleg... did you get your copy?

If you didn't make it over there when it first came out check it out over at XIII Myspace. Or go cop their free XFM mix over at

And back on the bootleg tip... I saw a post about, what? Like a week ago? Saying they were shooting a video for The Count & Sinden - Beeper from my boy Curt from Flosstradamus and thinking.... "Errrr what the fuck does Floss have to do with the "Beeper" record?!?!" (check the last post on Herve's 'Cheap Thrills' Label if you're way confused)... and now I know... the mega bootleg from last year has turned out to be the party anthem of this year with Kid Sister filling in for FamLay and Pharrell... and she does a fucking wicked job too... I know it's not British but it ties back to a prior post and... well it's hotness...

Now... this isn't an track either but rather and annoucement...

So I guess get ready to cop that and keep your eyes open... And lastly... I'm just trying to post a bunch of stuff now... and this is not my normal fare... BUT... it is Bloc Party... do what you will with it... I'm not even gonna link it up... just cut and paste kids...

title: KT Tunstall
author: The Prayer (Bloc Party cover) - Video
copyright: Virgin Records

14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_128k.wma
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_32k.rm
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_32k.wma
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_96k.rm

Ok... I've got too many things to do today... be back soon...

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