Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Herve & Sinden "Machines Don't Care" and new Ladyhawke!

Got some good stuff today... first off...Hervé & Sinden's new project Machines Don't Care. It's at the point where I don't see how these guys can do any wrong! It blows me away how much sheer quality they are pumping out but then again these guys work solo and in duos so there's a lot of potential for song making... shit is fireeeeeeee...

Machines Dont Care 12 minute Mini Mix 128kbp YSI

Machines Dont Care 12 minute Mini Mix 128kbp zShare

On another tip... sooooooooooooo... Ladyhawke isn't British. But she lives in the UK... and for today that's enough because the remix last time was sick and so is this one...

Ladyhawke- "Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)" YSI

Ladyhawke- "Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)" zShare

To roughly tie this all together... I was in the UK in 1999 in my hotel watching what was an absolutely awful stretch of MTV with Alice Deejay and the like... and suddenly I saw this fucking amazing video with all these words buzzing all over the place and I was completely wowed by the music and the video. That of course was Alex Gopher's The Child. The Verve Remixed albums probably owe Alex Gopher a lot for creating a real opening for jazz vocals and electronic music (not as though it hadn't been done before but this song was huge). The dialogue is probably a little much but I suppose... but it is still a design geeks wet dream... mmmm typography :) Over all the video has aged really well...

So that has nothing to do with anything, other than me making an excuse to put a French remixer up, but it's still worth posting the video! And it's a good memory. Despite only being a resident I'm gonna keep my eye on Ladyhawke... and I advise you to do the same :)

So that's it for today kids... sorry I haven't been posting much... down to one car :( But everything will be all right. All right. So keep checking in and I'll keep bringing the goods!

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