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Tricky (Robot Koch Remix)!!!

It says "To Brenden, Love Tricky"

Robot Koch of Jahcoozi is one of the close friends of ISOA. Over the last two years a fair amount of people have been contacted, interviewed, visited, promoed etc for this blog (and the radio show The Spirit Of Albion) but very few people have come out as people I email for fun and keep a dialogue going with. Robot Koch is one of those people. I like messaging him about new music that I'm listening to, checking out what he's working on and is listening to, checking up on what Jahcoozi is doing... so when he's going something to share, you better bet that I'm all ears...

NOW... you all know how I love to tell stories... I mean I don't have a fancy layout like my pals Palms Out, and I rarely have exclusive content (unlike right now) so I gotta have stories... not to big up myself but I've got to keep it entertaining!

When I was like 16 I went to Chicago to meet up with my friends to see Tricky. My friend Joey (known as Joey Alone to you grafitti folk) picked me up at the train station and helped me get to the Vic Theatre. Problem was we were two hours late for some reason (can't remember). Exasperated and frustrated since I was two hours late meeting my 16 year old friends in an era without widespread cell phone usage, my underage smoking ass accepted defeat and sat in the alleyway next to the Vic to smoke and figure out how I would find my pals. This was also an era before mp3 players and I had a full cd booklet (like 50 some) in my backpack (along with their liner notes)... so I put my cigarettes back in with my cds in my backpack, and lo and behold who walks into the alleyway but Tricky. Three o'clock in the afternoon and here's like one of my biggest idols ever. Of course I try to act normal and am just like "Hey man what's up?" and Tricky is like "Just doing sound check. You coming to the show?" and I'm like "Yeah" with my super cool underage cigarette. So Tricky says "Well, I'll see you there!" like we're going to a rave together or something.

Two minutes later he comes back with the two dudes following him and is like "Can I get a cigarette mate?" and then I turn into a bumbling idiot. He asked what they were and I choked out "KAMEL REDS!"... like I could barely talk, so Joey did the talking because he was a punk rock kid and didn't know who Tricky was (although later decided he loved that shit). I pulled out my cds as they were conversing and Tricky seemed pretty stoked to see I had Maxinquaye, Premillenium Tension, Nearly God, and Angels with Dirty Faces all in my backpack... I wasn't expecting to meet him, and he knew that because he could tell we were panicked about not being able to find out friends, so he was stoked to see all the cds and signed all my liner notes. It meant I was a hardcore fan and he treated me as such, being as personable and cool as you can be to someone you've never met. After this 10 minute exchange Tricky had sent one of his guys off to buy him Kamel Reds and made me feel like I was part of his Chicago experience.

I found my friends. They were sitting a block away doing the same thing, just not meeting Tricky. They conned me into giving them each one of my autographs. Some gutter punks sold us a huge bottle of wine. We went to the show and Tricky smiled and nodded at me in the front row when he came on stage. I felt like god. We drove back to Milwaukee that night and I got so drunk I was seeing 3D. It was one of the greatest nights of my life except I left my Tortoise cd in Brian Perkin's car. That is how your teen years should be...

SO ANYWAY... Robot has a remix of what I'm assuming will be the new Tricky single seeing as he performed this song on Later... with Jools Holland... and it's a fucking banger. All hail Robot Koch... this song is soooo fucking hard you have no idea. There is another remix but... you can't have it :) That's for future listening yeah? Don't want to spoil all the surprises!

Tricky- "Council Estate (Robot Koch Remix)" YSI

Tricky- "Council Estate (Robot Koch Remix)" Rapid

BONUS! Here's an oldy but a best-y... you should really buy the Hell E.P.

Tricky vs Gravediggaz- "Tonight Is A Special Night" YSI <---- Real limited downloads here because this is something you should buy...

Come back from more awesomeness... Seriously, mad props to Tricky and Robot Koch... hopefully you'll see this very soon in a record shop (digital music store) near youuuuuuu :)

If you somehow forgot how awesome Tricky is... remember this?

Then peep Robot going crazy on this midi keyboard with Jahcoozi... this is my fav video of them...

SIDEBAR: Funny little note... you know with Jahcoozi (and everyone else featured here)... I read about them as a little blurb in a music mag or two and wrote down their name and thought "I really want to check out this band, I feel like I could really get into them"........ NOW, I have to say, I haven't exactly hit where I want to be in either the blogosphere or the music world, but this blog is proof that if you want something you can make it happen. I saw them in magazines, bought their albums/EPs/singles, and have ended up getting awesome shit like this sent to me. Not from a mailing list, from the artist. And honestly? It shows that the blogosphere is the new 'zine' of the present; it's a way to break down the space between fan and performer and ultimately it will endear people like you and I to bands like this... and we will buy their albums and go to their shows while the mainstream record companies fall on their faces. The indies labels (or just the bands) will make money, and be able to live as artists. I mean I already feel like I'm "part" of what they're doing and that makes me proud at the end of the day. Be proud that you're part of the future too. Go support Jahcoozi today....... their whole catalog is over at eMusic. Peace.

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P.P.S. Who is going to Lollapalooza? Let me know... we should meet up. I'm going to being showing a band, that the blog is a BIG fan of, the city of Chicago... and my mate who is also playing the festival is having a birthday that weekend... so are we partying Arcadians or what? Hit me up in the comments after you comment on the track :)

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