Saturday, July 12, 2008

...And we're back! Married I might add :)

So I am a husband.


We had an awesome ceremony in the middle of the woods, (mostly) close friends and family, and very little drama. The whole thing went perfectly... I mean you couldn't ask for more. I swear. A total dream the whole way through.

Now I'm back to being piss poor broke, and life sucks more than it did during that magical weekend, but at least I've got Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol 5, a Wii, and a wife!!! Good old wedding presents and wifey :)

A TIP FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO INTEND ON GETTING MARRIED SOONER OR LATER: Take a fucking honeymoon IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE WEDDING. You're a fool not to. If you REALLY love this person, once you've married them you're going to want to be around them non-stop, be with them all day long, and bathe in that perfect feeling that comes from putting that ring on. Don't be a dumbass like me and resume your job on Tuesday. It's an awful idea. Also make sure you balance your bank account or you'll lose all your DVDs to CD Warehouse... just helpful hints!

Sooooo... the inbox was mostly congrats and not really posting material while I was out but I going to cram it all together and hope that the info comes pouring back in. Being away a week in the blogosphere is a big deal!

Ok ok ok ok... before I get to the first band... I gotta give some face time to my boys The Black Ghosts. Black Ghosts are family on this blog so I wanted to let you guys know they had two FREE downloadable bundles out recently. Personally? When a band I like gives me free shit, and I like that free shit? I buy their album. Even if I already have all the songs. I mean, you wouldn't not pay your friend the musician for his songs just because you already had them if he was putting out a cd would you? I'd hope not! IF so stop reading my blog! But seriously, they have given you, me, us a lot and we should show our support... show that the blogosphere works and that giving away free tracks HELPS not HURTS? Agreed? Agreed.


And just to be nice here's bundle two with the really good b-side tracks...

Black Ghosts B-Sides Bundle Two... but SERIOUSLY BUY THE ALBUM PLEASE! These are Arcadia's friends!

Ok... enough of that... back to the music :)

This first band sounds like Klaxons with Alex Turner's brother singing Muse's "Knights Of Cydonia" after putting Ennio Morricone's soundscapes together with Dick Dale's guitar work, mashing them up in a blender, and turning up the "heavy guitar" knob. I usually am very disappointed by what comes across the inbox that doesn't come from the usual suspects but I really fucking like The Bookhouse Boys. It's good shit. Have they been in NME yet? Because if not I'm going to feel like talent scout of the year posting these guys up!

The Bookhouse Boys- "Dead"

The Bookhouse Boys- "Dead"

They are on Black Records. They are finishing off their album, getting it mastered, putting the artwork together, and readying it for release on the 18th of August. They are also doing a few festivals over the summer, and putting out another single (as well as a video too). Keep your eye out for all that. I think these guys should be part of the Arcadian family don't you?

Speaking of Arcadian family... Late of the Pier are fucking sweet. Zarcorp Demos are burned into my ears forever and I'm like a junkie awaiting a fix with this new album. Parlophone is all about hooking us up with videos so I guess that'll tide us over until the Erol Alkan produced megaton bomb that is their debut comes out...

Late Of The Pier- "Heartbeat (Video Stream)"

I blew my interview with them. School or something. I just got busy back then. Kash, and Metronomy too. And Gary Libertines, and Drew Shamles... and the every elusive Dot Allison. Gotta hustle all that back into existence. What's up Parlophone? I had to buy my own Radiohead "Best Of" on vinyl... you gonna help me out? Lolololol...

I can't forget to mention some serious fireeeeeeee coming from Man Like Me with this joint "Carny". It's just bonkers rave grime awesomeness and I highly recommend it. Prestel has been bringing the jams for fucking real. I loved that (non-British) Romanthony so much a couple months back I had to post it. That's a label that knows what they are doing. Check out the Myspace above and maybe we'll get a track up here soon?!?!

Lastly... PARDON MY DUST... I'm redoing the site and that's taking me a little while. Working, marriage, bills all that... they come before the site. So let me get some of that sorted out and you'll get the fancy layout you've always wanted!

Here's a funny parting note...

Please help make me some money by joining eMusic and making me $6. I'm really broke and I could use the help so that I have more time to post. Thanks guys and I'll see you soon.

Download 25 FREE songs at!

Speaking of broke... do any of you Chicago folk have a place a could stay or shower for Lollapalooza? I'm supposed to be interviewing Foals I would like to have clean clothes on when that happens lol...

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