Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trevor Lovey's remixes "City of Lights"

They call it many things. Fidgethouse and stuff like that. Whatever, who cares.

All I know it that it sounds fucking awesome and all those dudes who are part of Machines Don't Care have been ruling my iPod for about a year (I gotta ask though, were Switch and Diplo too busy working together to get in on that MDC album? Because then it really would have been like Superfriends). Trevor Loveys (of Speakerjunk and MDC fame) has done a wicked wicked remix for you folks for a band called City Reverb...

City Reverb- "City of Lights (Trevor Loveys Vocal Mix)"

It's getting a proper release on the 8th of September. Might want to check out some more at (which by the way includes a free download of a Prins Thomas remix). Of course also check out Mr Loveys Myspace over at

This song is so good you're going to be hearing it still a year from now. Seriously. Here's more info on who you're listening to.

City Reverb are Chris Coco, Micky Bucherri, Nick Cornu, Adam Barry and Lew West

‘City of Lights’ will be released on CD and 12”. Other remixers of the track include Reverso 68, Prins Thomas, Dr Strangelove and Larry Fives

The track is the second single from the album ‘Lost City Folk’, which is released on 15th September. Chris describes it the album’s genre as “Robot Soul”

This summer the band have already played at Glastonbury Festival and will be also gracing the stages of Bestival, Green Man Festival and Camp Bestival

Upcoming live dates:
19th July: Camp Bestival, Dorset
1st August: Late At Tate Modern, London
2-3rd August: Stella Polaris, Denmark
15th August: Green Man Festival, Wales
5th September: Bestival, Isle of Wight

I gotta run to work... offset that small bit of "peace of mind" I got two weeks ago. Be back soon. Stay tuned.

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