Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Juggling everything on earth... (Mackaveli, ddpesh, Burial, Neon Neon, Esser)

Whoa. Everything has been extra crazy with sugar on top recently.

Someone stole my fucking hard drive out of my personal computer at work... THAT is how nuts everything has been. I barely see wifey, I'm trying to gear up for Lolla, and trying to make ends meet in the mean time.

But I must keep going because you, the Arcadian masses, deserve new music.

FIRST THING IS THE DOPEST FREE MIX I'VE GOTTEN MY HANDS ON IN A MINUTE. "Why", you ask? Because it isn't just fucking banger after banger after banger that just came out 30 seconds ago from some random dude that lives two floors below Drop The Lime. This is a nicely paced, well chosen, very summery set of tracks that you can throw on in just about any situation. It also seems to bounce through like 5 genres without the listener even noticing. And who did it? My boy Mackaveli that's who! You know he's about some serious business too because he has some songs here I didn't even know existed! Seriously though? With all the stress I've been under, this mix really helped me relax and get a smile on my face... shit, I never thought I'd want to ever hear Paul Johnson's "Get Get Down" ever again (come on, I'm from the Midwest, we got pummeled with that one, it's not that it's not a good song!) Got me tapping my foot too... pass this one around kids...

Mackaveli – 18-30 Straight Club Reppin’ Summer 08 Mix YSI

Mackaveli – 18-30 Straight Club Reppin’ Summer 08 Mix zShare

1. Roy Davis Junior - Gabriel
2. Burial - Archangel (Boy 8 Bit remix)
3. Smoking Beats - Dreams
4. Paul Johnson - Get Get Down
5. Double 99 - RIP Groove
6. Ron Carroll - Nike Song (Bart B More remix)
7. Samim feat Big Bully - The Lick (Derrick Carter Dub)
8. Drums of Death - Breathe (Curses remix)
9. Zombie Disco Squad - Straight Boy
19. Worthy - Les Tard
11. Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - Wake Up
12. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - Tuesday Paranoia (James Jones Submerged House Mix)
13. Louie Austen - Hoping (Herberts High Dub)
14. Mystery Jets - 2 Doors Down (Duke Dumont Reconstruction)

Second thing I wanna get to you guys isn't even British... but it's awesome. For those of you who missed out there was a fancy email thread recently that went on FOREVER and pissed off a lot of people that said "MGMT vs JUSTICE" that was sent by Discobelle. A bunch of people went on a 'Reply To All' frenzy and people who get their email on their phones went nuts. Because some people in the blogging community want to talk to each other, multiple forums were created to keep that chain letter alive. Then MGMT's label or something started to send people C&D's to take the track down. I think I can get away with this though because it's not actually that remix. Former Arcadia featured remixers ddpesh brought the pain by putting Big Poppa himself over this fantastic remix.

MGMT vs Notorious B.I.G. vs Justice-"Nasty Feel (ddpesh Rework)" YSI

MGMT vs Notorious B.I.G. vs Justice-"Nasty Feel (ddpesh Rework)" Mediafire

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST... it appears Maddecent's blog threw the goods out for everyone and hooked us up with a wicked Burial remix from Boy 8 Bit. Normally I don't repost stuff like this once it's gotten around... but it's good, and frankly, at the moment that's reason enough to post it . Man, I really want to hear more shit out of him. Every remix he's done has been fire in my opinion.

Burial- "Archangel (Boy 8 Bit's Simple Remix)"

Andddddddd... Just to throw a couple more goodies in... Here's the new video from Neon Neon "I Told Her On Alderran/Trick For Treat"... shame Spank Rock isn't in the video... Boom Bip is though...

Esser's new video for his single "Headlock"...

I don't have a lot of shit on hand... I've been working so much I haven't been keeping contact with my people so I haven't been getting a lot of tracks I can post (but thank you to those of you who got me tracks I can't post! They're all awesome)...

Quick mention... Stanton Warriors (who I saw in Miami last year and were fucking amazing) are releasing........ STANTON SESSIONS VOL 3!

"Coming off the back of an absolutely mental worldwide tour schedule we thought it was the right time to drop another Stanton Sessions comp. It’s going to be the 3rd instalment of the series and contain all the unique tracks, edits and remixes that define our sound today. We have been playing and running our Sessions nights successfully at fabric for 8 years now, so it seems only natural to continue this partnership with the release of Stanton Sessions Volume 3."

Fuck yeah... I'm not big on breaks, but Stanton Warriors are so much more than that, they're on some whole other shit... Ok. Hopefully this will tide you guys over for a few more days. Let me hit up the PR people, the labels, and dig through the crates a little.

P.s. I'm getting ready for Lolla and a whole lot of fun... you going?

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