Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Frankmusik- Live And Lost with BlackBerry Day 10

Happy fucking April Fools day or whatever. If any of you c*nts pull some prank shit on me we aren't speaking any more. Google taking the piss every year is enough (btw I was like a block away from their headquarters in Michigan last night, and had they been open I would have said "Pardon me, I keep getting very vague cease and desist orders from your institution. How can we stop that?")

This whole Frankmusik- Live And Lost with BlackBerry Day 10 bit has been brilliant. I'll do a write up about the actual deal when it's over. I'm SO glad he's made it ALMOST to the end without any serious injury or increased illness. Check out the 2nd to last episode right here...

Live And Lost with BlackBerry Day 10

To give you a better idea of what that Frankmusik/Tynchy Styder sound is like, here's a rip of "First Place"...
Tynchy Stryder- "First Place"

Saw Moz last night and wanna write about it but gotta do some work first. Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

any chance of putting first place back up for download?