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Lowline offer "Gun In My Side" plus remix from Kitsune's Joe & Will Ask?

Some of you may remember, prior to the release of The Verve's Forth, Nick McCabe of The Verve played live with an up and coming band called Lowline. At the time they hadn't released their full length so I wasn't able to get you any MP3s!

Well now not only do I have MP3s for ya... Below are links to the original track and a remix from Kitsune act Joe & Will Ask?. This isn't out until April 13 so you can thank me for finally getting around to posting this before the release date lol...

LOWLINE- "Gun In My Side"

Here's a repost of some bio:

“Lowline make timeless music like no one can at the moment. music with balls” Nick McCabe The Verve
“More Manchester greats” NME
“The best new band in the country" Tom Clarke, The Enemy
"One of Manchester’s new hopes! Explosive & energetic live, combining Oasis, Primal Scream, Joy Division & a touch of Kasabian at times. you need to see these boys live to fully understand the Lowline vibe; driving guitars and bass lines with amazing drums & electric vocals & a touch of synth capturing the dark underbelly of the city" Kav, Happy Mondays
"History in the making" Owen Morris, producer – Oasis / Verve / New Order

Manchester is a funny place. Few places are so full of musical heritage, and with that comes expectation; something which has been unfulfilled in recent times. Enter the cities newest heroes: Lowline.

Lowline are intense and sinister yet totally up lifting. A group of mates in their early twenties who formed in the spring of 2007, they spent the rest of that year writing, locked away in a warehouse in Manchester’s less-than-glamorous Ancoats district. There are flashes of inspiration from cult legends The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, but they strike a rare balance between razor sharp rock and roll, and epic shoegaze. Lowline’s intense guitar sound is underpinned by tribal house tinged drums and fuzzed up bass lines, all combine to make something with energy, atmosphere and spirit.

Their sound embodies the atmosphere of their City, whilst remaining distinctive and innovative, a combination that sets them apart and shows that this is the start of something special. Their sound impressed renowned Oasis and the Verve producer Owen Morris so much, that he immediately took the band into the studio and recorded some tracks over many late nights. The first yield from this session is their debut single ‘Monitors’, a timeless indie anthem which harbours Morris’s distinct style. It is set to be released on March 17th on 1-2-3-4 Records (Whitey, The Bishops) with the reverse side being taken up by the driving and relentless ‘Last Chance’. This massive debut has already begun to grab the eye of DJ’s, journalists and audiences alike, with NME and XFM showing great support for the band from the outset.

Live, the band are immense. They have crafted a rip-roaring show and brim with energy and confidence, which combined with their dance sensibility that has seen them demanding attention at shows across the country. Tours with The Enemy and Happy Mondays have seen Lowline continue to cultivate an ardent fan base, and as tales still spread about their recent warehouse party in Manchester (which guested close friend Nick McCabe - The Verve, on guitar) many more have sat up and taken notice."

Hope you enjoy those. Check out more at Myspace.

Check them out at some upcoming shows as well!
Apr 30 2009 8:00P
Paradiso - London Calling Festival Amsterdam, Holland
May 1 2009 8:00P
Keller Klub Stuttgart, Germany
May 5 2009 8:00P
Grüner Jäger Presented by Revolver Club Concerts Hamburg, Germany

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