Thursday, August 06, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Chew Lips- Salt Air (Plastician Remix)

After hearing this I think Plastician should do a WHOLE album like this. It's one of the big things dubstep is missing: female vocals. I mean it doesn't need them ALL the time, because I like that hard shit too, but sometimes dubstep is TOO hard. This remix of Crew Lips new track comes off like this decades Breakbeat Era... that is soulful, dark, and compulsively listenable.

Here's some press:
"Their new track was out the other week on Kitsune but didn't have this Plastician remix available on it. They were on the recent Kitsune 7 with their track 'Solo'."

Chew Lips- "Salt Air (Plastician Remix)" YSI

Chew Lips- "Salt Air (Plastician Remix)"

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I may add more to this but I wanted to get it up ASAP!

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