Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FREE Deastro "Orange Swimmer Red Summer" EP!

Well, as you know, this is a pretty strictly British only blog... but I am a sucker for Ghostly International. In fact I've been carefully putting together an article for Cream Team for a couple months now on their 10 year anniversary... that's how much of a fan I am.

Now, despite having never actually spoken to Deastro, I'm a big fan on his music and want to help spread the word as if he were a friend of mine. Especially Keeper's which is fucking brilliant. He reminds me of a more experimental, American, version of Frankmusik... if that makes any sense.

Here's the first two songs from the free EP BUT FOLLOW THE EP LINK TO DOWNLOAD, only use the other links to have a quick listen (they're basically just there so this will show up on the Hype Machine lol)...

Deastro- "Orange Swimmer Red Summer EP"

Deastro- "Asteroid Goo"

Deastro- "Sheild Whip"

Here's a little bit of press...
Taking the US press by storm, Randolph Chabot aka Deastro is a brand new epic space-shoegaze sensation. Causing a stir on Pitchfork (Paste, Spin), the stunning debut album was released back in July via Ghostly International (School of Seven Bells). Check out the brand new ‘Orange Swimmer Red Summer’ EP exclusively here via Deastro’s blog. It features 9 brand new, unreleased tracks.

Well I'm glad he's taking the press by storm... perhaps that's why I couldn't get an interview with him? *cough*hit me up*cough* :)

Anyway Deastro writes dreamy electronic pop music that makes you feel things the way that very few artists can, especially on a first listen! So check it out, go to a show, and make sure you pick up his previous efforts!

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