Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summertimes In Bloom...

Yippie! Things are so wonderful right now I don't even know how to explain it... I mean things never stay that way BUT things are good and I'm happy about it! This weekend was pretty good... on Monday I got home and went to see my bandmate Sam but I wasn't really feeling well so we decided to get breakfast the next day. I ended up going out to breakfast with pretty much all my close friends, and the close friends I didn't see then I saw later. There were all sorts of good things going on this 4th July! I also got to see Italy beat Germany's ass which was sweet... and I got a new dorko backpack for my computer which makes me way happy (I picture this dark and neon lit future were somehow the government or something has gone bonkers and I'm part of this like "electronic survivalist" group that's trying to save the world by hacking into some big supercomputer from random ports so we can save everyone from corruption.. and I wear really cool vests with discs, and swiss army knives, and shit in it that matches perfectly to my nifty fingerless gloves... I'm a wicked hero.. all that shit would match my skull belt buckle too lol), and a bag of Chupa Chups (I quit smoking!). Work is still shit but what do you expect it's work... I also watched the "Virgin Suicides" last night and I think I'm gonna watch "Appleseed" tonight and be even more of a dork.

Anyway other than my extremely tense back and horrible financial situation I'm quite happy right now! So I thought I would post something that at least sounded really happy lol! This is a kind of thrown together post so bare with me... the bonus track cetainly isn't happy so that breaks the continuity but oh well, it's a good song! I will get those pictures and the second half of my Intonation Wrap Up done soon... I was gone all weekend so I couldn't do it then... anyway enjoy the songs and check back with the site soon!

Oasis- "Don't Look Back In Anger (Live In Dublin 1997)"

Guillemots- "Train To Brazil"

Guillemots- "Never Went To Church (The Streets Cover)"

Pick Up Music by Oasis

Pick Up Music by Guillemots

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lady byrd said...

Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my site and leaving the kind comments. I really appreciate it! Is there a link to listen to your show online somewhere? I'd love to hear it.