Monday, December 18, 2006


I've never used EzArchive before... but I'm being FORCED to because stupid fucking YouSendIt said that I've uploaded too much shit... fuckkkkkk thattttttttttttt... I'm helping make them money, so they can stop bitching! Anyway... I hope I did all this right... if not please leave me some comments or you guys are going to be the ones getting stuck with the dud-links!

So... I don't think I've done any Editors posts before. But I think they are fantastic... Heather and I went to see them this summer and they were fucking bonkers awesome. Funny story about that show too... Heather and I were hanging out downstairs in the bowling alley at the Magic Stick and who comes walking by but Mr Tom Editor himself. I walked up and said "I love all the covers you've been playing recently" to which he said "Thanks. My name is Tom" and shook my hand. I replied "I know your name!" and proceeded to bullshit about college radio for a couple minutes and wished him good luck. Then LATER (because I'm a real weirdo about having more than one contact in an evening with a singer) I had Heather run up and get his autograph while the crap opening band played. I was surprised no one else realized it was him, as he was in the audience. I was also surprised that it wasn't full... but then again I really really really like them so I have a high opinion of them and think they should sell out U.S. stadiums! Anyway... that was a cool night.

Hopefully the U.S. appreciation of Editors will get a little stronger with this new remix E.P. which looks as though it's going to be awesome. I haven't gotten it yet because I've been trying to deal with Christmas (the only purchase I 'made for myself', i.e. got my mom/dad to buy it, was the Ghostly Box over @ Ghostly International... how cool is that thing?) but I am going to pick it up soon. I'm super stoked about the other remixes that are being leaked to blogs to promote this EP, as there is a Pase Rock remix (of Five Deez/ Spank Rock fame) as well as Shy Child and some others. I have a couple of the leaked ones posted below.

Just in case you don't know anything about Editors (which is unlikely) here's a little info from

Neo-post-punk quartet the Editors formed in 2003. Originally dubbed Snowfield, the group comprised singer/guitarist Tom Smith, lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, bassist Russell Leetch, and drummer Ed Lay, all music technology students at Britain's Stafford University who relocated to Birmingham after graduation. A series of a well-received club dates and a single demo tape earned the Editors the interest of British labels large and small, and after a bidding frenzy the group signed to a revitalized Kitchenware, the venerable British indie once home to Prefab Sprout. Kitchenware issued their debut single, "Bullets," in early January 2005 and the record sold out in one day, earning comparison to the dark, dramatic sound of contemporary bands like Interpol and Bloc Party as well as ancestors like Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen. The Editors' follow-up, "Munich," made them darlings of the U.K. music press, and just weeks after their standout performance at the annual Glastonbury Music Festival, the band issued its third single, "Blood." Their much-anticipated debut LP, The Back Room, followed in mid-2005. "Munich" was reissued in January 2006, placing The Back Room in the Top Five on the U.K. album chart and earning the band a gold record. A joint North American tour with stellastarr* coincided with the stateside release of The Back Room in March. A Mercury Music Prize nomination followed in July.

Here's some "Munich" on Conan:

And here is the video for the same song:

So I went balls out here and posted EVERYTHING I had on one of my computers that was NOT on the Editors album (i.e. stuff I don't think anyone is going to be 'upset' that I posted). It isn't going to be up for a long time so get it while the getting is good. I will make sure to keep my eyes peeled for any of the new mixes as they come out.
Here's a b-side:
Editors- "Crawl Down The Wall"
Editors- "Crawl Down The Wall" EzArchive

Here's some stuff from KEXP:
Editors- "Lights (Live @ KEXP)"
Editors- "Lights (Live @ KEXP)" EzArchive

Editors- "All Sparks (Live @ KEXP)"
Editors- "All Sparks (Live @ KEXP)" EzArchive

Here's some covers:
Editors- "French Disco (Stereolab Cover)"
Editors- "French Disco (Stereolab Cover)" EzArchive
Editors- "French Disco (Stereolab Cover)" YSI

Editors- "Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads Cover Live)"
Editors- "Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads Cover Live)" EzArchive
Editors- "Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads Cover Live)" YSI

Editors- "Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz Cover)"
Editors- "Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz Cover)" EzArchive
Editors- "Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz Cover)" YSI

Editors- "Orange Crush (R.E.M. Cover)"
Editors- "Orange Crush (R.E.M. Cover)" EzArchive

More b-sides:
Editors- "You Are Fading"
Editors- "You Are Fading" EzArchive
Editors- "You Are Fading" YSI

Editors- "Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home"
Editors- "Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home" EzArchive

An old demo:
Editors- "The Diplomat (Snowfield Demo)"
Editors- "The Diplomat (Snowfield Demo)" EzArchive
Editors- "The Diplomat (Snowfield Demo)" YSI

And some remixes:
Editors- "Camera (Rubber Bullets Remix)"
Editors- "Camera (Rubber Bullets Remix)" EzArchive

Editors- "All Sparks (Phones Remix)"
Editors- "All Sparks (Phones Remix)" EzArchive

Editors- "All Sparks (Cicada Remix)"
Editors- "All Sparks (Cicada Remix)" EzArchive
Editors- "All Sparks (Cicada Remix)" YSI

And last, but not least, an interview on AOL's Interface:
Editors on AOL's 'Interface'

Hopefully you guys dig all this stuff... sorry I haven't been around since that Bloc Party post.. seemed like you all dug it though... I was in the Top 5 on the Hype Machine almost ALL of last week... thanks for checking it out! You guys are the best!


heather said...

tom told me i had fresh breath when i met him..

c said...

cool post. tom is awesome. i'll be curious to hear what their next album sounds like.

Roland said...

Wow, great stuff. Thanks so much for posting it!

minister69 said...

Excellent stuff. Just stumbled onto your blog and found The Editors. Thanks so much for posting.

minister69 said...

Excellent stuff. Just stumbled onto your blog and found The Editors. Thanks so much for posting.

Jimmy Page said...

please reupp! :(