Friday, December 01, 2006

And so this is Christmas... (and David Bowie is a pimp)

Well boy do I have some treats for you! This is me making my first real attempt at holiday cheer this year. Generally I don't have any holiday cheer. Every single Decemeber of my life has been a wretched mess filled with complete and utter despair... I'm saying that I spend the other 11 months of the year dreading Decemeber... that's usually how much I fucking hate it. When people say "did you know the holidays have the highest suicide rate of the year?" I say "I'll toast to that!"... what an abysmal mess.

BUT THIS YEAR THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT!!! I'm making a concerted effort to have a good December (and therefore Christmas) right off the bat. I've already put up the Christmas tree with the girlfriend... I've been looking around for gifts for people trying to figure out how I'm going to fit it into my budget... all sorts of good stuff! And now I make my best attempt as sending some of this newfound spirit your way... these aren't ALL Christmas songs but they are at least about December or something of the sorts!

This is a fucking jem right here... I'm sincerely hoping that this song alone shoots me straight to the top of the Hype Machine... I want you to hear it so bad I'll even zShare it up. Shortly before Bing Crosby died he did a T.V. special where David Bowie shows up to sing this little ditty with him. You gotta think of how wild that was. Seriously. Can you imagine your grandparents sitting around enjoying good old Bing and then 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' shows up? Pay close attention (as Bing Does) for the line about agents coming down the chimney. Fucking mental! The Thin White Duke is really at his most stylish here... boy do I wish I were David Bowie (he talked to me once... online... he called me 'darling' and said that I was very sweet... I was a member of BowieNet... what a dork am I)...

Here's the clip:

And here's the songs!
David Bowie & Bing Crosby- "Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy" YSI
David Bowie & Bing Crosby- "Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy" zShare

Here's another gem... I got this off someone who I think did a Xmas in July setlist earlier this year... I'm going to play this (and most of the rest of these) on my show tonight! This song is sweet!
Blur- "Wassailing Song"

Now I figured this slides right underneath the 'Brit' tag because... well, isn't C3PO a Brit? I think so... I think this is worth posting too... this is from the goofy old Star Wars Christmas album!
Star Wars Christmas- "Bells, Bells, Bells"

Here's the 2004 video update of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" featuring loads of people like Chris Martin and Joss Stone and Bono and Robbie and other fucking people who will probably never end up on this blog (I posted that Coldplay out-take a few months back... but then again I like them)... the two people I was SHOCKED to see in this were a) Dizzee Rascal and b) Thom Yorke? Is that him on the piano?

I don't have the song but I might try to find it...
And here's the original:

Then we have the famous "War Is Over" Christmas song of John Lennon's that is such a fucking tear jerker. That's fucked up innit? That we're still fighting a war this many years later with no sign of it stopping anytime soon? Let's prey that it's different next year...

John Lennon- "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)"

And here's the video for that...

Then I had to add this one last second... this isn't so much a Christmas song... but I used to listen to it a lot when I was coming home from school in Chicago (and every year after that for about 5 years) and just think about seeing all my friends and how everything was fucked up... specifically because of the line "It's good to know that you are home for Christmas/ It's good to know that you are doing well/ It's got to know that you all know I'm hurting/ It's good to know I'm feeling not so well"... anyway... doesn't this song sound kind of weird around 2:04? Like it's backwards? Didn't Nigel Godrich do this album? The Man Who? Did you know that by 2001, One in Eight households in England owned this Travis album? Fucking crazy!

Travis- "Writing To Reach You"

You guys are lucky that I didn't post "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls... that counts as a Christmas song doesn't it? It was a Christmas number one at least! Hahahaha... I should be back tomorrow... anyway while I'm on a roll I will leave you with this VERY loosely connected-to-the-topic track called "The 32nd Of December" by the greatest band in the world, Pete Doherty and his BABYSHAMBLES *zing*!!! And since I'm at it when not a song for the end of November as well!

Babyshambles- "The 32nd Of December"

Morrissey- "November Spawned A Monster (Live)

See you tomorrow!

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