Thursday, December 21, 2006


I'm trying to get on top of this and be the first person to post this... I rarely feel that I've got any sort of inside track so I need to exploit this as fast as I possibly can! Given that, this will be a very short post because I want to get it up and stake my claim as one of the first people to post an album track from THE GOOD THE BAD & THE QUEEN!

Just in case you don't have the back story (or didn't see it the last time I posted that live track) here it is from Wikipedia:

Initially reported as a solo album by Albarn with Danger Mouse producing, NME revealed in late July 2006 that the solo project was switched to a new group formed by Albarn. The group, which consists of Albarn, The Clash's bassist Paul Simonon, former The Verve guitarist Simon Tong (who also played guitar during Blur's Think Tank tour following Graham Coxon's departure, and played guitar for Gorillaz on their "Demon Days" album) and Afrobeat pioneer and Africa 70 drummer Tony Allen, released and deleted their first single, "Herculean" on 30 October 2006 (see 2006 in British music). The single followed the band's appearance at the BBC's Electric Proms season at the redeveloped The Roundhouse in Camden on 26 October. Three warm-up gigs in East Prawle at the Pig's Nose Inn, Ilfracombes Marlboro Club and The Exeter Cavern Club preceded the Electric Proms gig. The second major gig of the band's career took place on 12th December 2006, at Wilton's Music Hall in East London. It was witnessed by 300 specially selected fans, as the launch gig of MySpace's The List. The band will release a second single, "Kingdom of Doom", a week prior to the release of their debut album, The Good, the Bad and the Queen in January 2007. The album was produced by Danger Mouse, and features songs about London.

The Good The Bad And The Queen- "History Song" YSI
The Good The Bad And The Queen- "History Song"

How fucking stoked are you to hear this track? I know I've been waiting a long time... I'm a pretty big Blur/Gorillaz/Mali Music/Anything-Damon-Does fan so... I can't wait to hear the album.. tell me what you guys think!

I wanted to mention that you can preorder the album from 7 Digital, and if you do before 15 January, you can listen to 5 tracks off the album before it is released on 22 January! Which is pretty fucking sweet if you are dying to hear it. You can also pick it up at Amazon US or Amazon UK. To stay on top of TGTB&TQ news make sure you pop by their website and their Myspace.

Here's an extra parting gift...

Oh yeah... and if you wondered when the next single is out (because Wikipedia wasn't very clear) it will be officially released on 15 Jan, with the debut self titled album coming out a week later.



Pete2ndBest said...

Not an immediate hit in my ears but very likely to grow. The same happened with Herculean, I didn't really like it at first but now I think it's tops.

But why have a bloody good legendary drummer in your band if he doesn't play? (I think Herculean had drum machines mostly and this one's got almost no percussion whatsoever.)

Patch said...

I think what is most likely is that Tony Allen is playing on electronic drum pads that are producing electronic sounds as opposed to a drum machine making the noises... I agree the drums are pretty subdued.. but as I said pop back by to hear another track off the album at the beginning on this next month.. maybe that will have more drums.. I'm excited to see!