Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dancey (rock) pants!

AND WE'RE BACK... I think I'm on a roll with this new music... so we'll just keep it going...

Seeing as I'm going to see Klaxons on Sunday and Monday, I thought I'd put some of their opening bands on here... first off is Metronomy who is tipped for big big things this year. Unlike some of their counterparts that they haven't seemed so fond of Klaxons really seem to like Metronomy so I'd say he's a shoe in for "Break Out" of 2007!

Here's the low down from Wiki:

"Metronomy (Joseph Mount) is an electronic artist from Brighton, United Kingdom. In live shows his backing band is The Food Groups. He has also done remixes for Architecture in Helsinki, Infadels, Magnet, Dead Disco, Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand, Temposhark, S├ębastien Tellier, Klaxons, Box Codax, Max Sedgley and The Young Knives."

Metronomy Live @ Sold Out

Here's the new Metronomy video:

Next off is Foals. I think that's a pretty shit name. Baby horses. Doesn't do much for me. BUT their music totally does... I was listening to their WOXY performance and some of these demos a LOT this week and am for sure playing them on Albion tonight... here's a really dope demo...

Foals-"Balloons (Demo)"

Here's the new Foals video for their song "Hummer"

A search on Wiki for The Whip provides us with info about a melodramatic play from 1909. Errrrrr... don't know what you tell you about The Whip... this song however is fucking fantastic... Imagine a perfect world where Joy Division never made "Atmosphere" and it ended up being made later as a New Order song, that's what "Frustration" is... the synths are very reminiscent of the latter I don't think they're rip offs in the slightest... this is quality shit and they have made a fan out of me overnight...

The Whip- "Frustration (Mazen Murao Master)"

Then I have a couple recommendations (as they opened for Klaxons) that I don't have songs for... The KBC (not to be confused with The KBC Band) play the electronic rock thing in a direction that isn't quite the one that works for me... but I figured I should mention them because them seem to write a decent tune (although I couldn't find one on the internet for the life of me... check out the Myspace link above...

Here's a blurb from Wiki on The KBC:
"All three members of the band were in the same class at school together and are currently signed to DIY Manchester label High Voltage Sounds. Since their limited debut 7”, Trippin, hit the independent record store shelves, the band have established themselves across the UK and Europe, playing alongside ¡Forward, Russia!, The Sunshine Underground, The Paddingtons and The Strokes. They also run their own nightclub, "Club Sandwich", in their hometown, Preston. They were handpicked to play the unsigned stage at Glastonbury in 2005, and have since enjoyed radio support by Marc Riley, Zane Lowe, XFM and Steve Lamacq. The band are currently set to release their debut album, On The Beat!, in the summer of 2007."

Another hotly tipped band has been Maths Class, who also don't seem to have any leaked tracks lying about... stay tuned to see if I can find out more about them... they didn't tour with Klaxons as far as I know but I imagine it's probably not long... I see them, more likely, playing with Shitdisco...

We'll that's it for this post... stay tuned for more new music AND MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO "THE SPIRIT OF ALBION" TONIGHT FROM 7-9 PM EST!!! The request line number at that time is (269) 387-3603... we'd love to hear from our readers!

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Nilina said...

Thank you for posting the Foals vid! I now heart them!