Monday, April 30, 2007

Klaxons Live At Coachella

So... I deliberated for a while on this one... what do you do when you have awesome music... that has kind of shit sound? Do you post it?

I think if the content is amazing enough the answer is yes.

I tried to figure out the best way to copy the Klaxons show at Coachella. I settled on running it through my "Windows Stereo Mixer" or whatever because I couldn't figure out how to do it on my Mac (I'm sure there was an easy way but I was pressed for time because I only realized a few mins prior to them taking stage that I should do this) so... basically what you have here is what you expect out of live streaming audio... glitches and all.

Klaxons- "Live At Coachella"

At the end of the day I've heard 10,000 bootlegs with sound 1/9 as good. I've got some Franz and some Bjork I'd never post because it sounds so bad. Some Dirty Pretty Things too.

The little gaps suck but... unless you did the same thing I did... or someone else posts this same thing... this is all we've got. None of the glitches are so bad that they ruin the songs... hopefully they stream video live for Pitchfork or something you guys can record it same way I did and we'll get it right!

So I hope you guys enjoy this.... and I hope someone else posts a better version lol!

If you download it and decide the glitches are too much (you fussy fucker) then check out Klaxons @ Transmusicales Festival 2006.