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Loads of new music... Hadouken!, South Central, FADER Podcast, Saturna

I thought it was time for a more proper Hadouken! post. To tell you the truth the first time I heard them I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. They were so different from the flouro wearing bands out there that I was in a state of musical shock... but that turned out to be a good thing. Now I drive to work in the morning pumping "That Boy That Girl" and find myself sending their YouTube videos to friends and asking their management for a liner for my radio show lol (perhaps we can get through this one without being called the "most shittest fucking radio station on earth"... see prior post if you don't get that joke!).

Just in case you don't know anything about Hadouken!... well I actually don't know anything about them either... how come no new bands have bios?!?!?!? I was going to give you some background but I have none!

Here's what NME has to say about them though:
"''London lot Hadouken! are the freshest thing on the site this week by miles. They sound angry, they sound smart and they sound like something youll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. Best tune 'That Boy That Girl is a savage, snarling work of genius that makes me want to smash bottles over my head. In a good way." NME"

I don't want to steal their thunder so I'm not going to post "That Boy That Girl", or the b-side "Tuning In", because you should go BUY those... but I do have a version of "Dance Lesson" that seems to be at a low enough kbps that their label won't get upset (but it's still decent enough to want to listen to it repeatedly). I also thought I'd throw up the Plan B remix they did seeing as it's fucking dope...

Hadouken!- "Dance Lesson"

Plan B- "No More Eatin' (Hadouken Remix)"

Now another band I'd like to post about is South Central... only problem is I don't have much to tell you about them either! I can't find any info really other than their Myspace... apparently they've been opening for Klaxons and, if I'm to believe what the posts on their Myspace say, the Klaxons boys called them "cunts". Maybe that's a good thing... anyway you cut it they make some good music. I've been really really into their Sunshine Underground remix (p.s. did that come out here in the U.S.? The Sunshine Underground album? I want it but I can't find a place to download it!) recently... check their shit out @ Myspace.

The Maccabees- "X-Ray (South Central Remix)"

Shitdisco- "Reactor Party (South Central Remix)"

I don't think South Central have an album out yet.. but they do have a real interesting video where their directors blew all the money on blow and strippers... check it out below...
South Central - Castles Of Heroes

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It's fucking free Fader Magazine/podcast time again! I have to tell you guys I love this shit... seriously... let me tell you why...

We don't have Internet at work anymore (because they thought we weren't doing any work, even though our checks are performance based so we get screwed if we don't do work... I know, it doesn't make sense)... and the boredom is skull crushingly awful when you're dialing phone numbers for 5 hours straight... so it's nice to be able to save a PDF on a flash drive, drag the podcast with it, and make work time a little more exciting... The Fader makes life a little more worth living for those few hours everyday... I wish they put out MORE PDFs and podcasts because when I'm done reading their shit I have to retreat to lesser magazines to take their place until the next issue comes out...

Here's a little more info:

New York, NY: The FADER magazine, the definitive voice of emerging music, releases its 45th issue, putting Smog genius Bill Callahan on the cover after 20 years of heartbreak evolved into his current album, Woke on a Whaleheart. It's the first album under his real name instead of the "Smog" moniker, and The FADER finds out the full story. Also gracing the cover is producer Polow Da Don: a not-so-secret weapon who has crafted cutting-edge sounds for everyone from Fergie, Ludacris, R Kelly and the Pussycat Dolls. You may have also heard his current monster smash "Throw Some D's" by Rich Boy. Polow is radio's next super producer.

Also knocking socks off this issue are Noah Lennox, better known as Panda Bear from Animal Collective, and his new album flooding with “me-me-ness,” Gyptian and his regal aura of roots reggae, the fantastic damage of Atlanta's snottiest punks known as Black Lips, the demented mindgarden of Mobb Deep's legendary Prodigy and intimate portraits from Kabul by photographer Stephen Dupont. As always, F45 will also be available via iTunes in its entirety, with corresponding audio podcasts, and as a free download at

On the covers:

Bill Callahan

“I don’t think I write in character as much as Randy Newman does, but it’s probably closer to being in character [than being me]. I always think I’m telling universal stories.”

Polow Da Don

"I’ve become the main guy, that means producers are following me. What that means is real music comes back, because what I do is real music. When that happens, then I did my job.”

Also between the pages:

Noah Lennox

“I feel like when I listen to an Animal Collective album, I can be like, ‘This part of the song, there’s a lot of me in that part.’ But with Person Pitch it’s just like flooding with me—me-ness.”


“I’m not the artist to separate from music. Wherever I hear music, ears dem cock up. Like Shabba say: Deejay ears cock up when they hear boom riddim.”

The Black Lips

“We ended up singing Lynyrd Skynyrd with the cops and stuff, joking around. They had to take us to jail because the mushrooms were a felony. But we made them laugh—we played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who was gonna take the charge.”


“We were like, ‘We gotta bring back that feeling.’ Not bring back the old music, because we never go backwards with that, but if we could capture the old vibe…”

And of course, The FADER’s own Gen F section where the most essential artists bubbling up from the underground make their debut appearance. This month’s artists include DG Yola, Dion, David Vandervelde, Munga Honorable, Turf Talk, Wild Beasts and Bunji Garlin.

Click here to download the podcast... or if you want to copy and paste it the address is

And as usual you get a free podcast... Here's the tracklisting.

Black Lips, "Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah (Live in Tijuana)"
Rich Boy (produced by Polow Da Don), "Boy Looka Here"
Prodigy, "Return of the Mac"
Hi-Tek f Dion, Q-Tip and Kurupt, "Keep It Moving"
Bill Callahan, "Diamond Dancer"
Dandi Wind, "Slumlord"
Turf Talk, "I Got Chips"
Bunji Garlin, "Brrrt"
Munga, "Flipping Rhymes"
The Presets, "Are You The One (Van She Tech NYC Rush Mix)"
Panda Bear, "Bros (edit)"
David Vandervelde, "Can't See Your Face No More"
Gyptian, "Serious Times"
DG Yola, "Ain't Gon Let Up"

Hells yeah! *That Presets track is fucking baller... I play that non-stop every where I go... when we were down in Miami we were at two different events they were playing at (Mansion, and Churchill's) and I only ended up seeing ONE SONG! We were too busy both times to stay and watch (but we did get them our demo) and I'm heart broken about it. Hopefully I'll get to see them soon!*

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I wanted to drop a little info here about Saturna... you've seen them here on Arcadia before (even though they aren't British) because I feel like people who listen to some of the bands on this blog will be into them. They've employed a more epic feel to newer tracks making a perfect mix between shoegazey atmosphere and balls out indie rock reminsciesnt of the best bands of the 90's (Pavement, Stone Roses, Pixies, Ride).

I know most bloggers get loads and loads of demos (I should know... I just sent all my demos for State Crime to Fluo Kids, Discobelle, Acid Girls etc) from people and most of them end up not making it onto their sites, but these guys really have something special. I'm actually proud that these guys wanted me to post their stuff... that's how good they are! This new track "Roll Down" is fucking fantastic. I hope you guys enjoy it! I should also mention as well there was a Saturna post over @ Milk Milk Lemonade and you can hear more of their music on Myspace.

Saturna- "Roll Down"

When these guys blow up (and they're on the cover of magazines like Fader or something like that) just remember where you heard about them first!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post... as always comments are welcome... I'll be back asap to bring you more new British music!

(P.S. I'm not sure if they wanted me to post to their MP3s or link to their stream so I'm just going to post "Roll Down" via YouSendIt... there will only be 100 downloads and you've only got a week to get them.)

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