Monday, May 14, 2007

We Are Seriously Simian's Friends

Well... the two biggest albums of the year have leaked... Simian Mobile Disco's "Attack Decay Sustain" and Justice's "†"...

Most of the Simian Mobile Disco has been floating around for a while now... I'll still buy both despite tracking some of the songs down on the internet... it's just the way to be... not buying these albums if you like these artists is like saying "nah, I think I want good music to go extinct... I only want to hear HUGE pop records"... because if you don't buy the albums and see the shows? Then record companies can't sign people... it is a business after all!

Palms Out Sounds is organizing a "DON'T POST JUSTICE" downloading ban of which I am a full supporter... just get it when it comes out... if you HAVE to download the Simian Mobile Disco album please buy it... anything else is dirty pool and you know it!

One thing I was surprised to find the other day whilst on the Hype Machine was that it doesn't look like anyone has posted the ORIGINAL version of "Never Be Alone" by Simian. Of course that song is the one that got remixed and became Justice Vs Simian's "We Are Your Friends", which in turn created the current landscape of indie friendly dance music. Apparently the song didn't catch on when it first came out in 2004... at least not the way it did last year... shows you there's always room for a comeback... anyway, I've become re-addicted to the original and I thought I'd share it with you folks... It's better than posting one of the new tracks (I can sleep at night posting this)... but who needs new stuff when you've got this?!?! It's quite the banger by itself...

Simian- "Never Be Alone"

And I figure I can't post that without SOME incarnation of the mega hit remix...

Justice vs Simian- "We Are Your Friends (Radio Slave & Spencer Parker Re-edit)"

They should re-release the Simian album........... Here's the track listing for "Attack Decay Sustain Release"...

The album will be released on 18th June 2007.

The full tracklisting is:

01. Sleep Deprivation
02. I Got This Down
03. It's The Beat
04. Hustler
05. Tits & Acid
06. I Believe
07. Hotdog
08. Wooden
09. Love
10. Scott

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Haldan said...

heyo - thanks for the support home boy- one correction though, i'm pretty sure 'never be alone' came out first in 2002 as a 7" (w a mobile disco remix) then in 2003 as part of the album "We are your friends" - then a part of the original justice vs simian "never be alone" 12" in 2004 on international gigolo (w a dj hell rmx) - then finally again in 2006 as part of two rereleases of that record, now named "we are you friends" and on edbanger rex (with remixes from edison, lee cabrera, and radioslave) long road for that song.