Friday, May 18, 2007

The Black Ghosts, the friendly Ghosts, The coolest ass motherf**king Ghosts you know

Who do you love?

You love me, I know.

We'll not actually me...

You don't love me, you just love my doggyst... errr, music. And you're really gonna love me today...

You know who we love here at Arcadia? The coolest motherfucking band I can think of at the moment... The Black Ghosts. As I've been searching for more dance rock bands to sink my teeth into I've found few that match up to, say, Klaxons... that is until I hear The Black Ghosts. And while it'll be a little while before we see if they achieve the same success (they are currently working on their album for Southern Fried Records) they certainly seem to be in a position where they could steal the crown. They are one of the few bands I've been obsessively listening to since I got back from Miami (put into my consistent rotation of Klaxons, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and "Youth Alcoholic" by Fox N Wolf) so I'm very very very happy to present you with their new mix tape!

The Black Ghosts- "Trophy Twins Radio Mix"

The Black Ghosts exclusive 30 minute download mix!

Following their new remix work - spicing up new singles by The Dykeenies ('New Ideas') and Gossip's forthcoming re-release of 'Listen Up', London duo The Black Ghosts have released details of a free exclusive 30 minute mix available for fans to download. The mix features 24 tracks ranging from Electrelane to Metronomy, The Whip to Beck all spliced together in typical Black Ghosts fashion (gothic-electro-pop).

The Black Ghosts

30 Minute Mix May 2007 Track-list...

Harco Pront "Night"

Emperor Machine "Rimramramrim"

Clinic "The Second Line"

Soul Savers "Rumble Fish" (Simian Mix)

Supercollider "Darn Cold Way Of Loving"

Electrelane "The Valleys"

The Jonzun Crew" "Space Is The Place"

Good Books "Leni (Crystal Castles Mix)

Heaven And Earth "Feel The Spirit"

The Firebirds "Soul Sonata"

Blowfly "Sesame Street"

Silver Apples "Lovefingers"

Gianfranco Reverberi "Nel Cimitero Di Tucson"

Metronomy "Trick Or Treatz"

Milton Hamilton "My Love Supreme"

101 Strings "Karma Sitar"

Can "Vitamin C" (Ghost 1 And Ghost 4 Edit)"

Zongamin "Spiral"

Brian Eno "Sky Saw"

Frankie Valli "Beggin" (Pilooski Edit)

The Whip "Muzzle #1" (The Black Ghosts Mix)

Beck "Sexx Laws" (The Wiseguys Mix)

The Black Ghosts "Amyway You Choose To Give It" (Fake Blood Mix)

The Dykeenies "New Ideas" (The Black Ghosts Mix)

Here is their crazy awesome video for "Anyway You Choose To Give It"...

And here's "Something New" (which is comprised of tour footage of your new favourite band)...

And just in case you're luck enough to live in England check out the Summer Festival dates:

June 23 2007
Aug 25 2007

If you go you have to take pictures for me! In the meantime I'll cross my fingers and hope they tour the U.S...