Monday, July 13, 2009

30H!3's 'Dont Trust Me' feat Kid Cudi!

Funny, I just posted about Hostage and his remix of 30H!3's track 'Dont Trust Me'... and BOOM now we've got a remix featuring Kid Cudi!

30H!3's track "Dont Trust Me (feat Kid Cudi)" Rcrdlbl

It seems to be that everyone like hates these guys... but the remixes have been fly! And the beat is ill... truthfully I think it's just nutty joke shit... like if Hadouken! didn't take themselves seriously and were a joke band! I think these guys are just like "Autotune The News". Am I wrong? Whatever, obvs it's still got life in it because these guys are still going strong...

I'd love to point you in the direction of the Hostage and Acid Girls remixes I posted before but... that link got taken down... so... thank the IFPI and the DMCA for that. Be back soon...

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