Monday, July 13, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Hostage presents the Sunburn Mix!

I've obviously been having problems with writing recently. Just... I dunno. Once again it's like 1) ennui, 2) lack of cool music, 3) DMCA take downs and... just, something feels off. I've been PRAYING for something cool to hit my inbox (no offense to people whose stuff I have yet to post)...

And finally something came my way...

You may be familiar with the name Hostage. In fact I recently posted a Hostage, along with my friends Acid Girls, remix of 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me"! Even if you've been barely paying attention to the blogosphere, at this point, if you're not familiar with the name (doubtful) then you're familiar with the music.

Hostage hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, (which put him neck and neck with Swayzak to be our favourite Scottish artist; sorry Hudson Mohawke, you're dope though) and has really taken the internet by storm. This new mix, like all my favourites, is very diverse and isn't afraid to veer away from the obvious and genre hop without sounding unorganized. If you've only heard Hostage's remix or production work this mix will prove to you this guy is also a DJ's DJ as well... expect to see a lot more from him in future posts. I love this shit so much he's automatically Arcadian Family!

Hostage Sunburn Mix 2009 zShare
Hostage Sunburn Mix 2009 YSI

Here's the tracklisting!

Seriously, that picture above is what Ima look like when I come back from Jamaica. Off topic, but does anyone have suggestions for places to go while I'm down there? I want to get into some soundsystem action...

Back to Hostage: his next release will be a remix of Foamo's 'Wardance' on Skint Records, also with remixes from Reso and Hijack.

Also it's worth noting, for those of you residing in the Uk, Hostage will be playing at Glade Festival in England this weekend on Sunday. So, download the mix, get yourself pumped, sort out your mates, and get buck this weekend with Hostage... and tell him ISoA sent ya...

Be back soon!

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