Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brithop you don't stop!

Phew... yesterday was fucking AWESOME. Seriously.. check it out.

First off I have a message in my inbox from Dot Allison "Hey, do you still want me to do a liner for your show?"... awesome right?

Then I think to myself, maybe I should ask a couple other people if they will do liners...

Later in the afternoon I check my inbox again... and I have a message from the Klaxons management saying he'll try to get them to get a liner done for the show while they are on tour... KLAXONS! THE MOTHER FUCKING KLAXONS?!?!? Can you believe that? They are like the Nirvana of the type of music I've loved since I was a little kid! Fucking bonkers...

THEN... as if that wasn't enough... I go over to Sam's house last night to practice (i.e. bullshit and play around with computers) and he gives me a FM3 Buddah Box! How fucking rad is that?

Yesterday was fucking great... so with renewed inspiration I bring you today's post! I've been wanting to do a Brithop/ Grime/ Dubstep post for a minute (I mean I already posted some Dubstep tracks a minute ago but... anyway) and I thought I'd treat you guys to that today...

First off is Akala with "Shakespeare" which is just a total fucking banger... when my girlfriend heard it she thought it was something I had written, and it is totally the type of song I'd like to.. the beat is rough and electro-y and surges with energy. The rap is pretty damn good too HOWEVER the 2nd half of the chorus sounds WAYYYYY too much like Eminem. But this is still a tight song...

Akala- "Shakespeare" YSI

Akala- "Shakespeare" zShare

Then I thought we'd go back to the most popular name in British Hiphop... Dizzee Rascal... I can't wait for his new album... I'm sure it will be fire. Unlike some people I really dug the last album quite a bit. Here's one off RUN THE ROAD Vol 1

Dizzee Rascal- "Give U More" YSI

Dizzee Rascal- "Give U More" zShare

You know what's almost as cool as rapping? Bouncing around like you've been smoking batteries and fighting! Here's Dizzee vs Crazy Titch... I like that part where Dizzee is like screaming "DON'T HOLD ME BACK DON'T HOLD ME BACK"...

AND since I'm giving you a Dizzee/D Double E track, I should probably give you an awesome Wiley track to make the experience complete!

Wiley- "Stormy Weather" YSI

Wiley- "Stormy Weather" zShare

Then, getting back to the dubstep stuff, I thought I'd post this Justin Timberlake RUF remix... I don't care about how you feel about Justin Timberlake (Sam) I love "My Love" and this remix is pretty nifty... I've posted the shit out of all the big names in Dubstep so I figure I'd try something different!

Justin Timberlake- "My Love (RUF Dubstep Remix)" YSI

Justin Timberlake- "My Love (RUF Dubstep Remix)" zShare

While we're getting random with Dubstep check out this little documentary from Bristol... the greatests musical city in England next to Manchester and London... my biggest idols are from Bristol (maybe the next post should be a Bristol post?)...

Now I don't know how well acquainted you guys are with Sway but I TOTALLY ignored his album. It was one of those albums that got SO much hype that I couldn't even pay attention to it.... when that happens you can't even hear the music. You hear chatter and reviews not music! Now that we are far past the Mercury Prize and all that I'll post a track... which I might add is brilliant.

Sway- "Products" YSI

Sway- "Products" zShare

On a breakstep tip.. how about this Stanton Warriors track with Sway on it? I used to really love Stanton Warriors... this track is poppier than I remember their stuff being.. and the video is goofy but worth a watch. I gotta say though, Sway's hoodie is fucking ugly... I remember the first time I saw that hoodie thinking "who would wear that?" and now I know... (although if the Klaxons wore it I would probably think it was sweet lol)...

So that's what's up for now! As usual, I hope you guys dug this post... let me know what you thought in the comments! I'll be back by Thursday at the latest with a new one so brace yourselves!

I thought I'd mention, before I leave here, that I was talking to Larry Tee earlier and he said he liked my new version of "Lift"... which isn't my primary concern because that's a solo song and I'm more concerned about what Sam and I are doing together... but it is good news. Because hopefully a breakthrough is just around the corner... we're getting there... wish us luck...

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