Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm BACK! (with Oasis... Holla)

Ok... I got a couple big things I've gotta mention to you guys!

FIRST OFF... Sam and I have created a Myspace profile for our electronic music project called STATE CRIME... it's over @ it's going to be YOUR support that helps take us to the next level here when we go to Miami... it's you telling your friends, relatives, dj pals, home persons, and local crack dealers that is going to get our name out there and make things happen! Sure we've gotta shake the hands and kiss the babies but a nice comment goes a long way! We are going to be uploading tracks soon but we'd be more than happy to add you now, so please go check it out...

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! WIDR WEEK IS THIS WEEK! 89.1 FM WIDR FM Kalamazoo is the freeform radio station (one of the last in the country) that "The Spirit Of Albion" broadcasts from. WIDR produces quality commercial free radio programming 24 hours a day that goes out to all of Western Michigan (and the world if you are on the internet... which obviously you are). This is a station that changes peoples lives and really is the cornerstone of Kalamazoo's scene. The catch, of course, is that the station relies completely on donations to stay open. Just an idea of what they offer (other than our show): a few months ago we had Spank Rock and RJD2 come down to play a charity gig for us bringing in some money for us and ALSO making a lot of college kids happy. This station makes a big difference and any donation you can offer is a HUGE help... so please, holla at cha boys and give us a donation Friday night! It would mean the world to us... the higher our donation dollars are the more respect we get (generally speaking)! If you do call (the number to the station is (269) 387-6303) during our show 7-9pm EST on Friday make sure to say you're from the Blogosphere so I can give you a shout out!

OK... now on to the music... I really feel as though I have to go balls out for you guys right now because I've been M.I.A.... the reason I was gone so long is because I'm almost having a nervous breakdown from a) the ever present threat of getting fired for no reason, b) the loss of money that would come from that, c) the pressure to get this album done, d) the amount my relationship is suffering from all these things, e) stuff for radio/Albion/WIDR Week, and f) the normal bullshit we all experience. In an attempt to make up for this... I GIVE YOU THE LEGENDARY OASIS UNPLUGGED SHOW!

Ok, on to the music...

Oasis- "Hello"

Oasis- "Some Might Say"

Oasis- "Live Forever"

Oasis- "Masterplan"

Oasis- "Don't Look Back In Anger"

Oasis- "Talk Tonight"

Oasis- "Morning Glory"

Oasis- "Round Are Way"

Oasis- "Cast No Shadow"

Oasis- "Wonderwall"

Here's the story about Liam's absence from the famed performance...

I wish I could put these up as zShare files but... I'm not sure it would be right to do so. Hopefully, this brings back good memories, and makes you want to listen to Oasis (which I'm sure their record company wouldn't mind) and that makes it ok to post.

Anyway, I'm back... look forward to more frequent posts again!


Pete2ndBest said...

Best band ever!

They also played Listen Up but it wasn't broadcast. I can send you the file if you wanna (it's largely available in the networks, anyway, though).

mike said...

wow. thanks man, really. good luck with all yr shit.