Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dance/Rock Pt 2

So, I had to quit my new job. At the Soccer place. I mean, it could have been straight, but how am I supposed to sell anything when our target market is 3-18 years... and I'm getting households where Little Jimmy is now Big Jimmy who moved out and got married... and has no kids of his own; but that doesn't even MATTER because I'm talking to Big Jimmy's 65 year old parents who can't figure out why I'm trying to get him signed up for soccer. You know? That's 3/4ths of what I was calling all night... in the meantime other people were doing laps around me because they had better material... all I say as I better get a tight paycheck for the week that I worked lol...

ANYWAY!!! On to the music! I just wanted to say, thank you to all you folks who sent me (or posted) nice comments over the last couple days. I'm glad you feel this blog is worth your time, and I'm glad you like my random format. The more and more I thought about it... I'm not a 'journalist' kind of guy... I could sit here and write a slightly different version of what a lot of other people write but... I imagine that most of you are just here for the music and not my banter, so I'm going to assume you would want to read some long winded pretentious load of crap that basically amounts to what I'm already saying!

SOOOOO... I promised you guys more Dance/Rock crossover... and I will deliver
(p.s. sorry it took so long to post, crazy week obviously)! First off is the live version of the CLASSIC Orbital song "Halcyon" WITH with the Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle samples mashed in. If you somehow haven't heard this you MUST hear it... fucking amazing... there were two different versions of their "In Sides" album that came out in the U.S. and one had this on the bonus cd and the other didn't. If you can, I suggest picking up that album (with this on the bonus disk) because I think it's probably their best over all album.

Orbital- "Halcyon (Live)" YSI

I just found a live VIDEO version of this little Bon Jovi/Belinda trick... too bad that totally fuck it up at the beginning lol...

And in case you haven't seen the original here it is!

Then I thought I'd give you the polar opposite of the Orbital track. I was initally going to post Orbital's "Satan"... so when I opted to post the other softer Orbital classic I had to come up with a more rough anthem to post. I debated what hard ass song to put up... and I finally settled on the Nine Inch Nails version of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1)"... I had five versions to choose from because Astralwerks sent me the "I'm Afraid Of Americans E.P." quite a few years ago (which I never understood because they aren't the ones that put it out) but none of them were as compelling as the NIN one. There is a version with Ice Cube and a Photek remix but neither one is this rad...

David Bowie- "I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1)" YSI

I doubt you haven't seen this... but you probably haven't seen it for a while!

And last but not least... to finish off the Dance/Rock post... how about the best Dance/Rock band ever... that's right, NEW ORDER! I watched 24 Hour Party People for the millionth time last night and just had to post a New Order song. I think "Crystal" is the most recent "classic" they've put out, so I thought "why not post it"! Although, I have to say that "Here To Stay" song they did for 24 Hour Party People is damn close to being as good as "Crystal"... maybe not quite, but close. That last album had some gems too, so if you haven't heard it I'd recommend it...

New Order- "Crystal" zShare

Well I hope you folks enjoyed this post. As usual I will try to be back on the scene as soon as possible to bring you the best in British music via the wrong side of the pond! See you soon! (I'm thinking maybe a Brithop post?)

BTW: The design I put up there is from a t-shirt @ Livin Company. Go check it out! I think it's a dope shirt!


Ctelblog said...

Orbital are indeed godlike geniuses. This version of Halcyon with Bon Jovi/Belinda was the only time that it had a legit release - never released in the UK.

You should also look out for a live version of Halcyon from their final tour that has not only Bon Jovi/Belinda but also The Darkness (I Believe In a Thing Called Love).


twin said...

Youtube delete halcyon live can you reupload this grate live video?