Friday, February 09, 2007

Magick from Gravity's Rainbow (via Atlantis and Interzone)

So... I had said I was going to do a (possible) Bristol/Trip-hop post here on Thursday (which is now almost Friday)... and I had a sudden change of plans...

See perhaps the greatest electronic rock band of my generation (sorry New Order, for all intents and purposes you're not my generation... same goes for you Depeche Mode but I love you too) did a FUCKING LINER FOR MY RADIOSHOW and now I feel the need to do a KLAXONS post...

I know... you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking... "how did you get the coolest fucking band ever (read=KLAXONS) to do a liner for your show?"... I would answer that but... well it would take the mystery out of it... so instead we will all just celebrate with some good ol' Klaxons demos... sounds good yeah? I know I've posted a few of these before but why not again!

Klaxons- "Gravity's Rainbow (Demo)"

Klaxons- "The Bouncer (Demo)"

Klaxons- "Atlantis To Interzone (Demo)"

Klaxons- "Four Horsemen of 2012 (Demo)"

Klaxons- "Totem (Demo)"

I have to say... if you haven't heard "Myths Of The Near Future" yet first a) hit your self in the face for being silly and then b) go buy it because it's fucking MDMA-zing (cough)... seriously though, please go pick it up because your life will not be complete without it... you think I'm saying that because of my current circumstances, but I'm saying it because it's hands down going to be the best album of the year... like, for the rest of the year I'm going to have to not say "this is the best album" because this one took the cake (and early on I might add)! Bastards!

You know... when they get to that "COME WITH ME, COME WITH ME, WE'LL TRAVEL TO INFINITY..." bit in "Gravity's Rainbow" I always say to myself "These guys are the greatest band ever"... from now on I will think "These guys are the greatest band ever, and they did a liner for my show"... and since I can say that? I will die a happy man! (If you wanna hear the liner then listen to the show tomorrow night 7-9pm EST on 89.1 WIDR FM... or check it out @

I'm sure by now you know you can get Klaxons "Xan Valleys" E.P. at eMusic... now about be a good time to stop fucking around and purchase it!


gretchen said...

You are a lucky son of a gun to have the Klaxons do a liner for your show. I am fan and if you haven't checked out their cover of Justin Timberlake's My Love, you should...genius! I'm sure you've checked out their myspace, but they've got all their tour dates up, can't wait till they grace the US with their presence!

Natasha_King said...

Definitely have to agree with Gretchen on that are damn lucky! They are definitely going to make it big! -they already have!