Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot shizzz for the beginning of your week... Esser & Herve's Cheap Thrills!

Just the beginning of another week. Although this one seems to be going every which way (positive, negative, positive, negative)... but of course that doesn't stop the music (thank god)... or at least other people's music... my music came screeching to a halt... but that's another story...

I caught Esser in Dazed and Confused a couple months ago and thought "Looks like something I need to check out"... and low and behold I got my hands on an Esser track to give to you fancy folks.

He has this to say about himself:

"Esser is a person not a band. I use a computer machine and some instruments to make popular songs. Most of my songs are in the key of E. When I was fairly young I managed to wear two ties to school. One on top and one underneath my shirt. But look at me now!

Yes, the two ties thing has served him well :)
Esser- "I Love You" YSI

Esser- "I Love You" Rapid

Make sure you check out his Myspace. Star on the rise kids, star on the rise...

Speaking of things on the rise... Herve just don't stop!

He's got a new release as Voodoo Chilli... the 2nd release on his new Cheap Thrills label... you know it's crazy fire already without hearing it. But once you do hear it... it evokes the sound of the type of records I heard Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk spinning in a Chicago warehouse 10 years ago... really funky... the Bucketheads drop in there? I dunno... I have no idea what it's all about... but it makes me wanna buy this E.P. like yesterday! Check out his Myspace for more info.

‘Titans EP’ Sampler

RELEASED 19th May on Cheap Thrills (CHEAP002)

* This is the second release on Cheap Thrills Records and a rare outing for the Voodoo Chilli alter ego of Joshua ‘Hervé’ Harvey

* Voodoo Chilli burst onto the scene back in 2006 with “Look What You’ve Done To Me” on Speaker Junk Recordings

* This EP includes four high-octane sample based block party bangers that highlight Josh’s penchant for classic disco and funk with a head nod to the Roulé label

* Trevor Loveys gets his disco boots on joining Josh for the feel good joint “All I Need”

* Also available is a re-release of “Look What You’ve Done To Me” on Dubsided which includes 2 new tracks and a remix from Mustapha 3000 aka Erol Alkan!

* Cheap Thrills Records will have a hectic release schedule over the first 6 months so watch out for releases by Action Man, Hervé and Detboi.

The E.P. tracklisting is as follows...
Get On Down
All I Need feat. Trevor Loveys
Big Byrd

Voodoo Chilli- "Titans E.P. Sampler"

Voodoo Chilli- "Titans E.P. Sampler"

Out of control and you know it... I'll be back soon providing I don't lose my mind today... keep on keepin' on...

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