Sunday, April 20, 2008

Radiohead... Best Of?

So... Parlophone and I are cool... right? We're cool aren't we? Yeah I thought so. That's why they aren't going to C&D my ass for posting this as the Radiohead Best Of is coming out! That would be silly right :) Because it's probably making Parlophone more money me posting this track than not posting it lol...

Radiohead- "Climbing Up The Walls"

Radiohead- "Climbing Up The Walls"

All jokes aside the little widget for the album is to to your right side (that I might leave up for a minute... mind you not because anyone asked me to but just because).

Now, I know a lot of you have been very "anti" the best of... because your fav song got left off... or because the 2nd disc is better than the first but is limited edition... well... truth hurts... Best Of comps aren't meant for FANS... they are meant for the uninitiated! They are meant for 14 year olds who we're in onesies when "Creep" came out. They are for your uncle who just came out on the other side of his midlife crisis and likes good music now. They are for the now 35 year old former student who stopped really listening to Radiohead after "The Bends" and wants to know if their "new" work is good as everyone says it is. They serve to bring people into the fold, back to the fold, and to remind people of what they are missing. And of yeah... to make money. Probably shitloads of money. Parlophone, no offense, but you guys are probably going to make a lot of money off this one and people are going to be angry for that reason alone...

Why? Because people have a "personal" relationship with Radiohead. The way people do with Jesus. They feel that their feelings and their essence is reflected in Radiohead's art. NOW, this "corporate record label" (now the obvious antithesis of what Radiohead is) is "selling Radiohead out" so that all these sloppy people can have a cursory knowledge of Radiohead. This is life. And it sucks. I would love to drown in Stanley Donwood paintings and listen to "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" back to back everyday for the rest of my life and feel like me and a few other people we're really "PART" of it all... but that isn't real and it isn't going to happen. If you really care about Radiohead be happy they are being exposed to young people who haven't heard them. Fuck the money. Forget the money. Remember why you love Radiohead.

For those of you who have addressed that "In Rainbows" is nowhere to be found... well that's because record labels tend to release the WHOLE back catalogue of an artist and then they do a "Best Of" when the band leave the label... ummmmmmmm... "In Rainbows" wasn't on Parlophone. We know the band is sort of "whatever" about this comp being released. Why would those tracks be on there? Doesn't make any sense.

Now, I'm not some paid lackey but we all know I am fiercely passionate about British music. And up until now the world needed record companies to sell records! Maybe we're past that and the age of selling digital straight from the band is really here... but Parlophone released Supergrass, Babyshambles, and a billion other artists you probably own or listen to. So please stop acting like some crime has been perpetrated! Music is sold... the make the artist money and up to this point the record company is like the pimp that gets the happy hooker out there. Seriously, no offense to record companies, but we all know that's what it is. Maybe it's about support. Maybe it's about art. It's mostly about money unless you're say Astralwerks and then you still have to release soundtracks to make money back.

So I've said my piece. Buy it. Don't buy it. Just stop freaking out about it. And enjoy the song and remember why Radiohead are so great.

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