Monday, April 28, 2008

ddpesh Jahcoozi REMIX! Also The Whip/Hadouken/Hot Chip...

Y'all know I love me some fucking Jahcoozi. Robot Koch and company get about as much coverage as good old Frankmusik here. I think they are an AWESOME band and that they are cool people so I'm down with whatever they are up to... when I got this Jahcoozi approved remix I thought I'd throw it up. ddpesh are for sure going to be making waves in the future, so if you haven't heard them yet consider this your introduction to a great duo... I've been meaning to get this thrown up for a while but once again, I get crazy busy, which is why you haven't seen interviews with LOTP, These New Puritans, and people like that... but my life is getting more balanced so you should see more frequent posts and more quality shit! Like this!

Jahcoozi- "Flatline (ddpesh Remix)" YSI

Jahcoozi- "Flatline (ddpesh Remix)"

Here's a bio for these cats...

Since 2006, Brooklyn-based ddpesh have been churning out sleazy-sexified
electro beats and rousing New York City's hipster pack onto the dance floor
with their infectious DJ sets. The duo came together during high school in
Youngstown, Ohio based, on their shared love of 90's hip-hop and dance
music, and became fast friends. Since then, the pair have walked into
residencies at Crudo and King Size and played countless gigs throughout
Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Their remixes for Kudu and Oppenheimer in
2007 and Chromeo in 2008 garnered them acclaim from both local and
international media. ddpesh are currently working on new remixes and busy
promoting their soon to be released Porsche People EP.


I'm down with The Whip... in fact I'm so down I wanna do an interview with em lol... but anyway... After pounding their Bloody Beatroots remix of "Trash" non-stop in the car and on my radioshow I was stoked to hear that NME is giving away a Hadouken! remix (want the interview there too still *cough*). I'd post it but I probably would get C&D'ed! Instead submit your details and get the track via email...

In the meantime... I don't want to rub people the wrong way so I'm not going to post this gem... but check this out and tell me it's not perfect... because you'd be lying!

Hot Chip have some dope podcasts... I don't know if you're all hype about Zune but that is ONE of the ways to get the podcasts... I mean Zune is making a Joy Division Zune but... I mean... it's not an iPod! That's all I have to say... you can also get the podcasts from iTunes but for whatever reason the email I got had Zune links so I don't have the iTunes ones...

Over And Over - B-sides - ZUNE
1. Over And Over (Radio Edit)
2. Grubbs
3. Sexual Healing
4. Plastic
5. A Family In here
6.The Girl In Me
7.(Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)
8.(Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Dub Mix)
Over And Over - The Mixes - ZUNE
1. Over And Over (Album version)
2. Over And Over (Earlies Remix)
3. (Just Like We) Breakdown (DFA Remix)
4. Over And Over (Naum Gobo Remix)
5. Over and Over (Justus Kohncke's Baking horse Club Mix)
6. Over and Over (Solid Gold Remix)
7. Over And Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)
8. Over And Over (Maurice Fulrton Dub)
9. Over And Over (Mock And Toof Dub)
10. Over And Over (Instrumental)
Colours B-sides - ZUNE
1. Colours (radio edit)
2. Music From electric And Musical Industries
3. Take A gamble
4. Gang Can Dance
5. Disguise
6. (Just Like We Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)
7. Careful (Careful Version)
Colours Remixes - ZUNE
1. Colours (album Version)
2. Colours (DFA Remix)
3. Colours (Remixed by Jeff Samuel)
4. Colours (remixed by Fred Falke)
5. Colours (Instrumental)
Boy From School The B-sides - ZUNE
1. Boy From School (Radio Edit)
2. The Bell Ringers
3. Laws Of Salvation
4. A Glue Too Thick
5. A Bad Bad Tackle
Boy From School The Mixes - ZUNE
1. And I Was A Boy From School (Album Version)
2. Boy From School (Cosmic Sandwich Remix)
3. Boy From School (Queens Remix by Jane)
4. Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-work)
5. Boy From School (Hot Chip Re-Work)
6. Boy From School (Instrumental)

So this is the end of the week post... I should be back in the next couple of days with goodies from the inbox or mailbox. Until then enjoy the track... and also if you're going to DEMF/Movement let me know :)

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