Saturday, April 05, 2008

New Black Ghosts pt #1 (the mp3)

Sooooo... just in case you haven't guessed... I'm errrrr maybe a little too into Black Ghosts.

Like very very very into them. As in I don't care that I just did a post on them recently and will be doing another one probably within the week.

I recently was trying to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole and secure an interview... which lord only knows how, I was actually able to do! And while I was at it asked if there were some demos lying around...

And of course I fell into a goldmine. Because that's how it works. My life is in shambles... my music career in grinding to death in a perpetual state of inertia due to the former... BUT in the blogosphere everything just falls in my lap. If I could translate this to real life I would be set for life. Like I would be a ballin', hanging out with Pharrell Williams, living in Chicago, wearing fancy ass streetwear, working with people who would become world famous DJs... errrr... hold on... shit...

Anyway, I was allowed to pick a remix to post out of the "I Want Nothing" remixes which was something I had sort of been dreaming about (EDIT: This is only exciting for us American readers, the UK got this last week. However apparently no blogs have had the balls to post it? At least not that the Hype Machine is tracking...). Now, I had no idea that it was the new single but after I bought the track I could tell it was one of the most slammin' things they have done period. It was a song that I kept wishing was longer... well ask and ye shall receive because now I've got the extended mix :) Which I'm mixing with... well fuck that, I'm not telling you, it's too perfect... you'll just have to hear it once I've got it recorded...

I see Kunk sort of beat me to the Sinden remix (Note: Kunk people, you must have some awesome friends to get that shit on March 22nd) but that's ok... you all remember I'm sure the monster Sinden remix of To My Boy's "Model" that I got before anyone else so I'll bask in that (before Fluokids! And they are way fucking cooler than I am!) and post one of the other super dope remixes...

So I chose the most wacky electro banger remix out of them. We'll get to that. But let me give you a quick overview of what I think of them all seeing as I'm going actually start REVIEWING things and not just talking shit. This spot has blown up big time in the last 6 months or so and I need to treat it as seriously as everyone is lol...

The "Extended Mix" is exactly what we all wanted... more of the the same song so that you either a) can listen to it longer or b) mix it without breaking your headphones in frustration due to the the two minute length of the original.

The "Markus Lange Remix" is the one I'm gonna post... think LarryTee+Switch -1/2Herve +(Audion)X(a-full-room-at-Fabric-close-to-the-end-of-the-night)= the Markus Lange Remix. It's a full on fucking BANGER that doesn't conform to the bloghaus style BUT is still accessible. The drums are very much "main room" material and the introduction of the vocal (sans melody) for a while makes it a total hands in the air teaser track until it brings the goods... think minimal techy electro that works itself up to a distorted stuttering shuddering blast of raw perfection. It is for sure more techy than it is housey and is a perfect compliment to..........

The Sinden remix goes for rave craziness. Where Markus keeps it low key and icey, Sinden makes it sinister and fucking maximal. If you have a friend with a coke problem don't let them hear this after midnight... it'll be like feeding Gremlins if you know what I mean. Hold on maybe I don't know what I mean. But any way you cut it, it's a fucking amazing ride. It starts out ravey, gets dark, then takes a left turn to Baltimore for about 30 seconds, comes back with rave from 1991, then puts all those things back together at the same time suddenly it's like... well, it will make you dance until your feet bleed. Like you'll be pounding them into the floor, grinding your teeth, trying to yell over the speakers that THIS is the best night of your life. The best night. Trust me.

Now Vincent Markoski goes for an all together different approach than everyone else who touched the song. It's "live" sounding drums, shards of the original, and dubby atmospherics. A really great track to use to switch your set up. Like this song could be the bridge between playing Justice tracks and playing Drop The Lime (which means it's a total gem). His approach to this song is really addictive, and makes me want to listen to it over and over even though he doesn't use much of the vocal at all. Ethereal, breakbeat-y, dubby, awesomeness.

Then of course I don't even need to talk about the original. But I will... from the moment that fuzzy 8 bit sounding synth comes in it's like you don't ever want the song to end. And it's a song that presumably everyone can relate to and it's hazy, lust filled, thirst. What a dope ass song.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one. All of them are worth purchasing. Not one dud in the bunch! Here's your treat kiddies!

The Black Ghosts- "I Want Nothing (Markus Lange Remix)" YSI

The Black Ghosts- "I Want Nothing (Markus Lange Remix)" Rapidshare

So make sure you cop that when it hits the shelves (or digital marketplace). Much love to the powers that be for making this happen for us. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THE INTERVIEW! I'm writing it as soon as I'm done writing this and I'm really really excited about it... in the meantime I've got some reviews of recent Fabric releases for you guys and other little treats that I sort of forgot about in the hustle and bustle. Keep it locked.

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