Sunday, April 16, 2006

New British Invasion? (Pt. 2)

So here is the second post in my "Invasion" series... The Subways found their way into the US conciousness when they appeared on "The O.C." playing "Rock & Roll Queen" last season. Since then they have made a dent here and there but have yet to brake all the way into mainstream media. They are young, insanely energetic (check out their videos or even their live photos), and Billy Lunn with his missus Charlotte Cooper genuinely seem like indie rock's cutest cutest couple (Josh Morgan their poor drummer never gets talked about but cheers to him! What would "Oh Yeah" be without those drums... it's always Charlotte Subway this and Billy Subway that...). Hopefully they will make a dent and help lead the new revolution refered to commonly as the "Brit-pack" (that has to be an NME phrase). I'm gonna post a couple up here and you folks tell me what you think... leave something in the comment area. REMEMBER, you need iTunes or Quicktime to listen to these... they are better quality than your average MP3!

The Subways- "Rock & Roll Queen"

The Subways- "Oh Yeah"

Once again COMMENT PLEASE PEOPLE! The next installment will be Arctic Monkeys... I have a bunch of good ones for that... you will have to wait till Monday however! If this goes well I will keep going with this and post the rest of the bands featured in the USA Today article. Have a good holiday everyone, and thanks for calling into the radioshow last night... that was fucking awesome to know we have a following!

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