Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time For Heroes

As usual, I was rifling through the Hype Machine, and noticed a lot of tracks with the word "hero" in them... and I decided that is really enough for a whole post dedicated to the word!

First up is a cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" done by none other than the fabulous Oasis! I fucking love Oasis... I realize a large portion of the world doesn't BUT if it weren't for Oasis we wouldn't have had Brit-Pop, which means we wouldn't have young bands like Arctic Monkeys because they wouldn't have had an inspiration, which means I wouldn't be able to buy the NME here in America... make sense? I'm not sure that's true but they are one of the few bands I listened to as a kid that still rile me up over a decade later...

Next up we have "Time For Heroes" by The Libertines. This was originally supposed to be a "folky" song in order to have "Up The Bracket" sell as well as The Strokes "Is This It", it was sped up and turned into a punk ballad. This song is very stirring and makes you proud to be young. I was listening to a recording of Dot Allison and Pete Doherty live in Preston where he suddenly went from playing "Ballad Of Grimaldi" to "Time For Heroes"... and when he did the crowd went from being inattentive to boisterously singing along with every word. I'm putting up the live version because I like to put up tracks that are hard to get, or are b-sides, or are just really rare. It's pretty bad quality but it is rare lol!

Last but not least... here is "Hero" by Bloc Party. This song was part of the "Two More Years" EP. I wasn't super into Bloc Party when they came out only because when a British band gets mad exposure in the U.S. quickly (i.e. Keane) they usually can't be trusted... but this is a mad crazy good song. And that concludes our hero worship!

Oasis- "Heroes"

The Libertines- "Time For Heroes (Live)"

Bloc Party- "Hero"

I just wanted to mention that you can find all the Bloc Party remixes and b-sides @ "...good weather for airstrikes". Hope you all enjoy!

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