Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love Her Or Hate Her...

OK BEFORE WE EVEN GET INTO IT HERE... I was checking my .mac account earlier... I usually don't check it very often... and I saw that Apple sent me a letter! I think "how nice of them to contact me!" until I read it and it says "Dear Mr. Barnett: You are WAY over your monthly bandwidth limit. Keep this shit up and we will deny you usage of our sites". Ummmmmm....Ooooppps? Given the good news I had to take down all my prior posts. I know... it sucks. I really want to share shit with you folks. I am TOTALLY blown away by the fact that I'm doing over 10 GIGS of data transfer a month! I mean for a 5mb file... how many times do you have to transfer that to max out the 10 gig limit? Like 200,000 times? I dunno but thank y'all for stoppping by! That's fucking rad! The only thing that would be cooler is if more people left COMMENTS!!! Please comment when you stop by because it's incentive for me to keep posting free music for you guys! So anyway, on to the music!

Another one of the "Ladies Of Summer" who I've posted some stuff on a few times already(and a personal favourite of mine) is the wonderful Lady Sovereign. I fucking LOVE her! I think her "Vertically Challenged E.P." is one of the funniest, smartest, most kick ass things I've heard all year. The only downside to the Sov story in my opinion, since they released the tracklisting for her album, is that most of the EP tracks are just getting thrown onto the album... as Pitchfork mentioned all but TWO of the songs that are going to be on the album have been out for ages on the internet. There is a song that I'm hoping is a b-side (as I didn't see it on the tracklisting) called "Orange" about bitches wearing fake tanner, but at this point I haven't heard anything about it. Anyway... this song is going to be the first single off the album. Please feel free to comment on how you feel about it (CHARLES I ALREADY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL SO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!)

Lady Sovereign- "Love Me Or Hate Me"

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