Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lily Allen= Queen Of Summertime

After seeing Lily Allen in the NME constantly for months I decided to avoid her music (hype bowls me over and I just can't approach something when the hype gets out of control).

That's stupid though... sooooooooo I decided to go back and take a solid listen to her mixtape number 2 and to see if I had missed something the previous time.

Lo and behold... I did. The second mix tape is phenominal... it is the perfect mix of old school and new school, the perfect mix of pop and r'n'b, the perfect mix of pop and summertime! I suggest you go back and take a listen yourself. I also decided that I ought to post this little rarity that is floating around called "Cheryl Tweedy". The song of course is about the allegedly rascist, bathroom attendant slugging lovely from Girls Aloud. I think it's pretty obvious however who the reigning queen of pop is this summer.

UPDATE: OK, if you read the above post you now know that Apple is going to kick my ass for using too much bandwidth and if I don't watch my ass there will be no "In Search Of Arcadia"! I'm only going to able to keep this file up for another day or so and then I've gotta take it down. So get it while the gettings good and PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THIS OR ANY OF MY OTHER SHIT! I'm not some fucking rich kid with a never ending expense account. I'm a broke ass music junkie who just wants to share with people!

Lily Allen Second Mix Tape

Lily Allen- "Cheryl Tweedy"

Sorry for not posting the Intonation Pics yet... the girlfriend and I are moving so I gotta go pull the pix and the scanner out of all the shit that we packed before I can put them up! But Pitchfork is coming up soon so I'll probably end up putting them both up at the same time lol... See you there!

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Erkin said...

I'm addicted to Lily Allen music! I love her music, my favourite song is Little Things!!Have u listened to her song, Littlest Things! It's really very good, isn't it?

Stylewalker said...

I love Lily! Thank you for posting and keep it up, yoah!

And a hint: people would comment more if you let them introduce their own homepage/blog. You only allow blogger-identities, maybe unpurposely..