Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wake up, go out again, repeat!

I've been loving me some "Retreat" for a long time... I first heard the song about 6+ months ago at my radiostation. I don't even really remember when. The original version of The Rakes "Retreat" is a damn fine song, but it didn't grab my by the balls like "Time For Heroes" or something. However, went I went back and listened to the "Retreat E.P" I first heard the "Phones Remix" and then fell in love with both versions. Phones as an artist is a guy named Paul Epworth who has produced albums for people like Babyshambles and Bloc Party. Under Phones he has cranked out some of the most forward thinking dance/rock music in recent memory. Mark my fucking word EVERYONE will want a fucking remix from this guy... they already do. He's going to be producing more albums in the next two years than he has in his whole career (looks like he started with the Fugees.. check the link above to see his credentials)! Both versions of the songs are fucking ace and perfect descriptions of the typical-20-something "I'm worn out and don't feel up to anything, HOWEVER I'm not going to be young forever... what am I doing?" and I suggest you dig on them both, then go buy the album! It may not be the happiest sentiment but this is the perfect "pre-bar song" for those "not-so-good-days". Enjoy and make sure to leave comments.

The Rakes- "Retreat"

The Rakes- "Retreat (Phones Remix)"

Hotlink this shit and I will eat your first born... I'm totally fucking serious! I don't have like any money, it's hard enough for me to even have time to do this much less the cash!

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