Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Sounds Of Summer! The Kooks!

So... not unlike my giving up on Lily Allen before I heard her... I had also kind of given up on The Kooks before I heard them. I had seen a lot of people slagging them off in the NME (are you seeing at pattern lol?) and I was like "eh I have to much fucking music to listen to already". The Kooks primary hater was, none other than, Johnny Borrell from Razorlight who said they were "cunts from music school" or something like that. Now... I'm not a HUGE Razorlight fan but Borrell did used to be in The Libertines for like 5 seconds as a bass player and, in my mind, that means I have to at least pay attention to what he was saying. This all changed, however, when my friend Lolly (a good friend of a Mr. Billy Bilo himself) said she quite liked The Kooks, and Luke Kook was a friend of hers, and I should check it out. So, of course, I did... and that fucking album is so fucking dope. And that kids was how I learned how to be less judgemental of summer music lol.... but seriously. "Seaside" is a perfect album opener, and "She Moves In Her Own Way" is as good a indie-pop gem as I've ever heard. "Naive" "See The World" are also ones I would suggest but I can't afford to use that much storeage space lol! Go get the album from Amazon if you dig these... Just fucking wonderful. Listen and fall into a land of summer music bliss!

The Kooks- "Seaside"

The Kooks- "She Moves In Her Own Way"

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