Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009! Outlaws bring you free music!

Ahhhh yes. A new year! Hope you all had safe and happy holidays!

Mine was depressing, but also great... my own family is falling apart at the seams. My father is jobless and $250k in the hole, my aunt is very depressed, my sister is off at UofM, and my dad is living with his mother... and on the other side my mum is taking care of my grandma and neither one of them is doing well health wise. And while I love and care about all those people it's very nice and refreshing to have the love, support, and stability of my in-laws who made my holiday amazing. I, from the bottom of my heart, thank my wife, her parents, her sister, and my future brother in law for the most peaceful Xmas since I was like 4 years old. No threats. No fist fights. No hard drugs being done out in the open (or drugs at all for that matter). No sloppy drunks telling everyone they wish someone hadn't been born... just nice clean relaxing joy :) But enough sapppppp...

This is the first year where Arcadia has started out the year in a good position! Usually there has been some dramatic set back or lack of posts but... kids, things are going good right now... and *knock on wood* hopefully they'll stay that way. I've got my lovely wife to see me through it any way you look at it sooooo...

...On to the music! I've gotten a couple promo emails recently but Outlaws sent me one today... and I remember really liking the last thing they sent so I'm all about this. This song is from Gin Wigmore who is apparently being championed by our dear Larry Tee's friend Perez (speaking of, Larry where art thou? You're back from Australia yeah?)...

Gin Wigmore sounds like Fiona/Winehouse/Kate Nash and is Australian (you know the prison jokes by now if you read this blog)... and the song is great. The Bristolian Outlaws touch is great. So good in fact that it reminds me of those amazing 90's jams that came out of that area. I was SO into Bristolian music back then (and now) I made my dad fuck up our itinerary on our trip to the UK and go to Bristol a day early (there were no hotel rooms, my dad still hates me for that mess)... Bristol, not unlike Manchester, has changed the face of modern music and Outlaws are carrying the tradition of good well produced music on!

Here's some of the info I received from Peter from Outlaws:

Here's a remix I've had the pleasure of doing for Gin Wigmore. I'd like to think they wanted an Outlaws mix to give it some kind of Bristolian mystery, creativity and underground cred, but they may well just have done it because I'm cheap.

Gin Wigmore- "These Roses (Outlaws Straight Out Of Bristol Remix)" zShare

Gin Wigmore- "These Roses (Outlaws Straight Out Of Bristol Remix)" YSI

She's probably going to be mega famous soon, that Perez Hilton guy likes her and she's been taken on by some US mega managers too, which is probably how he Perez bloke knows about them, but maybe that's just cynicism.

Please accept my apologies in advance, it's not a rave banger. I'm not even sure if it has a bassline. It certainly doesn't have a kick drum that wants to bash your mind in.

It's quite a nice song really.

Here went on to get quite personal and it was a hoot but for his sake I'm just posting that much of the email lol. Anyway, much love to Outlaws, Bristolian music,and this Gin girl... I'll get back to a normal writing pattern soon so bare with me.

Big thanks again to all of you who are subscribing to my feeds, "following" the blog officially (via the opinion through Google to 'follow'), commenting on the posts, downloading the songs, and being all around awesome. I feel really blessed to have the type of readers I do, the type of friends I do in the industry (where I don't feel like either of us are getting used), and the amazing artists who give a little piece of themselves to this blog here and there. So thanks for reading... please, if you have any suggestions contact me, and I'll try to make this the best year for you and me yet. Cheers!

P.S. Check out more Outlaws at their site, on the Outlaws Facebook page and some thing called Myspace that no one fucking uses anymore.

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