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Interview with Herve (of The Count & Sinden/Machines Don't Care)!

You may know the man called Joshua Harvey by many different names... such as... HERVÉ, VOODOO CHILLI, ACTION MAN, COUNT OF MONTE CRISTAL, SPEAKER JUNK, DEAD SOUL BROTHERS, OR THE YOUNG LOVERS...

Along with, well mainly a bunch of other people he's worked with, he's made an almost creatively flatlined electronic music scene exciting again. Whether it was The Count & Sinden's "Beeper" with Kid Sister, or the Machines Don't Care project (which is like dance music's version of the Superfriends with Hervé, Sinden, Trevor Loveys, Affie Yusef, Toddla T, Fake Blood, Detboi & Drop The Lime), or his own brain melting originals or remixes, Hervé's contribution to music in the last few years has been immeasurable. Which is why I'm elated to bring you this interview... for those of you who are just looking for the tracks a) they're at the bottom, b) they're preapproved mini mixes from a while ago and c) you should be ashamed of yourself...

Hervé Interview

ISoA: What specific album or single made you want to get into music?

Herve: i dont know i just knew from a really early age i wanted to make music i took drum lessons at about 8 years old and i used to make compilation tapes for family trips, it must be in my blood or something!

ISoA: You've declared that you're sick of the term 'fidget house', a term that seemed to arrise the same way as when Klaxons jokingly started using the term 'new rave'... do you think that genre descriptions are helpful or a hindrance to artists and the public?

Herve: im not sick of it, none of us, myself trevor loveys and switch were EVER happy with it, it was a private joke between trev and switch (its weird saying that cos trev started switch with dave taylor , so at that time he was switch aswell!!). people send us all these crap fidgit records that are basically copies of records that we all did 3-4 years ago. what we did was try something new, thats our philosophy, try your best to keep it fresh, not completely copying people 100%.
basically there is a few people out there making a living off of photocopying what we did/do, they do not have the same philosophy we do and it shows.

ISoA: Speaking of genres, what musical movement (or trend) in the recent past could you have dealt without? Or what trend perhaps run it's course and should call it a day?

Herve: im not a fan of "breaks" i think its bizarre that something so sterile and funkless could come from "breakbeats", essentially very funky drum loops. its fucking massive tho.
i do get breaks guys sending me stuff, i dont know why they think id like it, i like breakbeats not "breaks".
also deephouse was one of the most pretentious forms of dance music ever. all these idiots thinking they where smarter than you cos they put a fucking rhodes over a painfully boring 4/4 drum loop, hilarious.
masters at work at their best where great and funky and there was in my opinion a few great tracks, but most deep house was a waste of wax for me...eerruugghh the pretentiousness of it all makes me cringe

ISoA: You work under multiple monikers and are extremely prolific. How much time do you spend during an average day working on tracks?

Herve: i really dont know, i work quite fast and work alot out in my head just sitting around before i go into the studio.
ive mentioned it before but when i hear a track to remix i basically remix it in my head, pin point all the bits i want
and then jus do it
ive never had the problem of finishing a track...my main problem is finishing too many!!. the many names are cos i like all kindsa music.

ISoA: Also making note of you being prolific, you've worked with loads of great artists who seem to be good friends of yours. What's your secret to making a partership run smoothly?

Herve: well im a nice guy!!
i dont know dance music is full of utter cunts but it also full of some amazing brilliant lovely people, and i work with the lovely people and dont work with the cunts.

ISoA: Has there ever been a remix you've turned down because of the artist or song?

Herve: yes, some tracks are so rubbish that you would just be making them a new track, so i dont bother.
but sometimes a rubbish track will have great bits to play with so you do it cos it will still be fun and a challenge

ISoA: Usually when you approach a track how do you start?

Herve: see above.

ISoA: What sort of hardware and software do you use to create your tracks?

Herve: it doesnt matter, its your knowledge, imagination and your ears that make tunes. i would definately recomend getting pro DAW as soon as you can cubase or logic. there are people who dont use them who are big but they are few and far between (and debatable whether they are any good!!!!)

ISoA: Obviously with the availibility in software a lot more people are producing nowadays. What are you suggestions for getting noticed in this new industry?

Herve: dont release tunes too early if you stick at it you will get better, theres enough shit out there all ready and eventually you will make good stuff.

ISoA: Speaking of a new music industry, what are you feelings on file sharing?

Herve: should i work for free? fuck that.
alot of bloggers seem to be glory seekers, you give them upfront stuff but they want top quality full files, so they can say look at me i got the 320 mp3 !!!!
do you call that supporting the scene and music you love?? giving away other peoples hard work for free?
i think bloggers could really help the scene if they understood how much damage they can do sometimes by giving hi quality tracks away, it can kill a release, it could be such a positive force (obviously there are loads of responsible bloggers that understand the situation and support the music they love in a way that doesnt fuck up small labels and artists and everyone connected, respect to you guys!)

ISoA: What's been your favourite club (or event) to play at?

Herve: theres been loads, too many, im just looking forward to getting over my fear of flying so i can move to the US!!!!!

And there you have it folks! Enjoy these mixes... and be on the lookout for The Count & Sinden album dropping world wide in May!
Voodoo Chilli- "Titans EP Promo"

Machines Don't Care- "Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Remix)"

Machines Don't Care Mini Mix

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