Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bernard of New Order comes back with Bad Lieutenant!

Apparently it's legendary musician day here at ISoA! First Ian Brown now this...

I was gutted when New Order broke up because they're one of my favourite bands and I've never gotten to see them play. I'm almost speechless when I think about it...

HOWEVER! Bad Lieutenant has shown up and now my fears are going away... perhaps I'll never see all four New Order members on stage again BUT, based on this new single, I'll still get to hear Bernard Sumner's familiar voice!

I can talk about New Order for some time but let's not live in the past, and let this press blurb lead us into the future!

"In some sense, the album is a little bit like a Manchester reunion – Alex James from Blur and Stephen Morris from New Order and Joy Division can be heard on a handful of recordings.

Bad Lieutenant is Bernard Sumner (New Order, Joy Division), Phil Cunningham (Marion, Run Run Run), and Jake Evans (Marion). Their debut album will be released in October 2009 on Triple Echo Records. The album’s debut single, “Sink or Swim,” will be released on September 21, 2009. “Sink or Swim” – along with the rest of the album – retains a crux of New Order’s three-decade-strong mantra, while at the same time setting sail to a completely novel breeze.

Bad Lieutenant- "Sink Or Swim" YSI

Apparently UK tour dates were announced Wed 8/26 and can be found on MySpace. They are releasing the debut, “Never Cry Another Tear”, in early October. Make sure you pre-order that one! Be back soon :)


Anonymous said...

wrong!!Jake Evans is from Rambo and Leroy - with his brother Mat - look them up.

Karina said...

While it's true that Jake Evans is in Rambo and Leroy, it's also true that he's in the reunited lineup of Marion (not involved with the original lineup however).

So it's not entirely wrong to say he's involved with Marion, because he's a member of the reunited Marion (post 2006).