Thursday, September 10, 2009

MORE EXCLUSIVES: Simian Mobile Disco Rough Mixes!

Soooooooo... I didn't realize yesterday that MOST of these songs I have are on the extra disc for Temporary Pleasure, or the album itself. I sort of am behind on this album because I didn't have much music in Jamaica... or a computer for that matter.

BUT, anyway, these versions are not those aforementioned bonus tracks! These, like "Santiago" (the only original) yesterday, are the original rough mixes!

Simian Mobile Disco- "Pinball (Rough Mix)"

Simian Mobile Disco- "The Weight (Cruel Intentions Rough Mix)"

Simian Mobile Disco- "Gannymede (Audacity Of Huge Rough Mix)"

Simian Mobile Disco- "Flea In Your Ear (Rough Mix)"

Sorry folks, didn't last long!

Enjoy because, trust me, they won't be up very long :)

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