Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NEW TUNE: Hostage Remixes Ian Brown!

When I was on my Honeymoon I spent a lot of time listening to, and reading about, The Stone Roses. My first memory of the band really is "Fools Gold", which is not surprising, seeing as I was really young and don't remember anything else coming out from them prior to that on U.S. radio!

Charles from The Spirit Of Albion and I are both big fans of the Roses, as well as The Seahorses, and good old Ian Brown himself. I'm pretty sure I can speak for him and say we are also big fans of Hostage.

Hostage has become the portrait of what a DJ should be like in this new musical economy. He's kind, accessable, very considerate, honest, gives away loads of free music, writes good tunes, and has fun doing it! I hope if I ever make it that I manage to be that way... and I think there are a good lot of you out there who could learn from his example. Doesn't seem like the type of guy who would forget the people who supported him over the years; in other words a nice bloke.

Talking to him earlier this morning he sent me a list of tracks and I was elated to see that he had done a remix for the previously mentioned Mr Brown. He said it was just a little rerub for club consumption... but that doesn't make it any less cool. In fact I like this more as a club song and he chooses the right elements to play up for sure. So, with his blessing, I present you with the Hostage remix of "Stellify"

Ian Brown- "Stellify (Hostage Remix)" YSI
Ian Brown- "Stellify (Hostage Remix)" Mediafire

Thanks again to Hostage for the tune... I'll leave you with the video for "Stellify"... I'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

thank you

I Chameleon said...

Thanks for hosting the mix. We are going to the album launch party on Monday so we'll let you know how it went when we get back.

Be Happy

I Chameleon said...

Promised we would get back to you about the party. Top gig! Note for note and beat for beat perfect rendition of Fools Gold plus F.E.A.R. being the two highlights of old stuff plus two versions of Stellify and an impromptu "All You Need is Love" although at least half the audience didn't know the words because they haven't got their Beatle version of Guitar Hero yet.

Berwick Street Records said...

there's this remix out there too

IAN BROWN - STELLIFY (Timo Garcia's Wonderlust Bootleg Mix)

tedde said...

hey man, great little piece.
i got to say hostage is ny far my favo artist out there at the mo, and its so good to have conformation on him being the down to earth guy type i had picyured in my head.