Friday, September 11, 2009

New Dot Allison & Peter Doherty, plus Britpop!

I gotta admit I've been pretty bored with dance music as of late. I'm not saying that quality tracks haven't been coming out... it's just I'd rather listen to Blur, Oasis, Joy Division, Morrissey, The Cure, Late Of The Pier, and Klaxons (speaking of, when is that Klaxons album gonna come out now?!?! If you have "The Parhelion", "Moonhead", "Marble Fields And The Hydrolight Head Of Delusion", "Imaginary Pleasures", "Silver Forest", "Echos", "Venus", or "Hoodoo Borer" let me know!)

I mean, I dunno, maybe I'm full of it but British music (on a whole) is sort of in hibernation right now. We're looking back to Britpop, and finding some new scattered gems along the way, but music as a whole feels sort of stuck. So maybe it's time to review some of the glories of the somewhat recent past... and a couple of gems from the future :)

My friend, and inspiration, Dot Allison is about to put out a brilliant record called "Room 7 !/2 and a more polished version of this gem will be on it... these two really should do a whole album together!

Dot Allison & Peter Doherty- "I Wanna Break Your Heart (Demo)"

For more Dot Allison check here!

I heard over my Honeymoon that Oasis were quits, and last I heard Blur aren't writing any new music which basically amounts to the same things. So who is going to take their place. Arctic Monkeys are you gonna do it? Or are The Libertines coming back?

Blur- "Out Of Time (Live)" YSI

Oasis- "Let's All Make Believe (B-Side)" YSI

I hope you all enjoy. As the sun sets on Summer all these melancholy songs seem appropriate headed into fall... I can think of one good album to look out for: Bad Lieutenant I just started listening to today, Muse also look promising (but we'll see, and there is an upcoming Massive Attack EP that (trust me) is VERY exciting. I'll be back soon!

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