Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hmmmph! I'm frust-ricated! There are only 24 hours in a day (or so I'm told) and a lot of those are allocated to "doing things that people don't want to pay to do" (i.e. school, cleaning, etc). If I was able I'd be putting more of those hours aside to write blog postings for you lot!

Since it has been a moment since my last outing so I have a LOT of stuff for you! First though, and most exciting for a large portion of you, is new ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN! They're back, how rad is that?!?!? You know what the best part is? The song? IT'S REALLY GOOD! I know that sounds funny, yeah, but it's worth noting! Often I'm afraid to listen to bands songs once they're entering the potential twilight of their career because, far too often, they aren't so awesome :( BUT NOT ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN! Their shit rocks out of control!

Echo & The Bunnymen - "Think I Need It Too" YSI
Echo & The Bunnymen - "Think I Need It Too" Mediafire

I wanna write more but I'm off to class! I'll tell you what I think of the whole album once I get a good listen! Keep your eyes and ears open, and I'll be back soon...

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Anonymous said...

The name of the song is "Think I Need It Too" - no "I"