Saturday, August 16, 2008

Action Man (aka Herve) and Kotchy bring the weekend sounds...

Herve is also, for sure at this point, part of the Arcadia Family. I don't know Mr. Herve, but a few of my friends are close to him, and that means if he's got new work I'm going to post it. He's probably gotten in the blog at least once a month here for a while so... here's another new alias track for your enjoyment!

Action Man- Stamina EP 3 track sampler 128kbps YSI

Action Man- Stamina EP 3 track sampler 128kbps zShare

Then I thought this was pretty interesting... it's not British but it connects back to Tricky, and his recent album, which got a decent amount of coverage here at Arcadia. Kotchy is... well here this explains it better...

"Kotchy is a producer hailing from Brooklyn and first stepped into the limelight drumming for Time Out NYC revered band “The Epochs”. He recently left the band to pursue his own musical direction as a solo artist. His first furor into the mainstream was with his remix for Tricky’s Council Estate on Domino Records, requested by Tricky himself to be the b side on his 7” release.

The first track She Made It Easy.... the debut 7" from Kotchy's album "89" coming this fall....She Made it Easy is a beautiful track with elements of Disco, touches of Prince and smacks of Pharell production."

I can't post it but check it out anyway...

EDIT: Ok, had to take that one down, but I give it a firm seal of approval. He for sure has something good going on there so I'd keep my eyes out for the release this fall. Instead peep his track "Bruce Fleetwood"... my stupid ass didn't realize this was the track I could post!

Kotchy- "Bruce Fleetwood"

If you didn't get a chance to hear the other song or the downloads have run out here then go to this site and pick it up... and check out some more Kotchy over all!

I've got some other stuff to post but not a lot of time so... This is the best I can do at he moment... I'll be back soon!

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