Thursday, August 21, 2008

But all I could say was "Hey"... BLOC PARTY'S 'INTIMACY' OUT!

Bloc Party's "Intimacy" is out now.

I'm very happy they managed to not have this one leak. I like being surprised by an album's release. They were pretty tight lipped about this one!

I've mentioned them in the blog a few times recently (*Cough*Flosstradamus Mercury Remix)... but I thought I'd post some oldies to get you ramped up for the new album!

NOTE: I will be back to put in 'backup downloads' soon. If YSI won't let you download it, there will be new links up shortly.

Bloc Party-"Version 2.0" Mediafire

Bloc Party- "Storm and Stress (Acoustic)" Mediafire

I've only been listening to this new album since I woke up... but I already really like it. AND I THINK YOU SHOULD BUY IT, NOT TRY IT ON FOR SIZE AND WAIT A FEW MONTHS AND FORGET TO BUY IT!

I initially wasn't sold on Bloc Party. I didn't like Silent Alarm... at first. I thought they were impostors or something. Boy was I wrong. On top of being wrong I not only loved the first album but became a strong supporter of the oft maligned A Weekend In the City. I also got to meet the band in between album one and two, and have to say Kele is one of the nicest front men I've ever met. So with all that said... please don't C&D me Bloc-Party's-label :)

Here's a little video to remind you why you fell in love with this band to begin with... I love that it's 'Helicopter' is about George Bush. It makes me feel good that someone can write a political song that doesn't make me want to sleep...

Ok I gotta haul ass to work. Getting a new boss and stuff... or at least a new owner. Which means today needs to be a BIG production day. Wish me luck! And be on the look out for my review of the new Fabric discs...

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