Friday, August 01, 2008

F*%K YES! Gotcha a good one! Bloc Party- "Mercury (Flosstradamus Remix)"

So, here and there I throw in a little mention about my buddy Curt from Flosstradamus (shit they got mentioned in the last post)... I love their shit, I believe that Flosstradamus (and the children) are our future... and this guy doesn't even mention to me that he's remixing Bloc Party! Whaaaaaaaa? I had to text him the other night and congratulate/give him shit about it.

Anyway, by asking the right people politely, I got us a STREAM of the song.

Nope. Sorry. Can't let you download it.

In this case it really would be like taking money out of my friends wallet and handing it to you... and I hope you respect that. I try to stay away from streams but this I feel is appropriate.

05 Mercury - Flosstradamus Remix.m4a - Bloc Party (Flosstradamus Remix)

The remix is sick as fuck... it's really electro-y... but there's a point where you totally want to mix in a Bonde Do Role song... which basically means it can find itself getting put into lots of different mixing genres (without sounding all over the place). The original is hype, this is remix just takes it to another level.

Now are you going to Lollapalooza to see both Bloc Party and Kid Sister and Flosstradamus? I hope so! If you can't make it, check this out and get a Bloc Party Fan Club Membership, as well as three versions of the single. Holla...

Anyway,ee ya there. I'll be the sweaty guy holding his jaw with the really hot wife. Post again soon!

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