Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sinden takes "Run It" to the limit!

Oh EPMD... how I miss those 1993 school days where I would pop in the tape I had bought at the library and get to know what hip-hop was really all about. The easy breezy days where I was a fat kid dreaming about marrying the girl I actually ended up marrying. They were good times...

Now in a "brand new you're retro" kind of way we've got that same energy back as Graeme Sinden (known to most just as Sinden) has brought the pain with a remix of "Run It". Fireeeeeee in the building. I'm so happy to see good hip-hop and fierce dance music paired together yet again. I mean, Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal gave us the Kid Sister laced "Beeper" and therefore essentially rule this genre. Hell, they rule the game. Period.

EPMD- "Run It (Sinden Remix)" YSI

EPMD- "Run It (Sinden Remix)" zShare

This is what the end of your summer really needs... a jam like this.

Here's the original... this isn't a video so much as a collection of pictures. I don't really care to look at EPMD but the song is just sweet as they get...

This nugget was brought to you by Scion A/V... which I was initially sort of suspect about because (despite this site being riddled with ads) I'm always fearful about the level of involvement with a corporate sponsor in music. BUT Scion A/V has just brought selections of killer tracks over and over and over. That 45 King Remix Project? So fucking super fly. That Ghostface "Charlie Brown" set of remixes? Off the fucking chain. They have my respect.

I've got big things coming up in the next week... a review of recent Fabric cds that I've been sitting on, an interview with Howie B coming up, and all sorts of candies for youuuuuu. Keep it locked!

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