Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Return from Chicago (back from the dead)

Awwwww... it's 6:14am right now... and that's not a good thing. Went to bed at 2:30am or so... I'm having, uh, sleep disturbances do to uhhhhhh...........

Oh forget it. I don't feel well is the point. In fact "I feel like dying" so I don't know how I'm typing... but alas the show must go on.

Now I know I did a short "text post" about Foals, but here is what happened. When we showed up they were starting their set and that shit was PACKED. I mean, like the crowd for CSS was about 1/4 of the people there for Foals (and much earlier in the day I might add).

So I try to get a hold of their manager... and nothing. The original idea was since they had spare time I would show them around Chicago (shit I was trying to get them to go see Hollywood Holt lol), go out to eat, and get an interview done some time in between. Instead they were fucking maxed out doing press and stuff.

With little other choice I made my way to the FYE signing tent and was like "Hey, what's up. I'm supposed to be interviewing you today. I've been text messaging your manager and he's missing in action." They mentioned he was being pretty elusive and to tell him that they said to text him.

Then I get a text, something like "Hey sorry. We're really busy. Meet us at the Double Door later?"... ok sure! Problem was the show was sold out because it was Foals AND Battles. But, whatever, we got on the list and went right in. They tore it up for the 2nd time in 12 hours, and despite being fucking crazy awesome, we're admittedly showing signed of fatigue. They even said on the stage "We're very jetlagged. We're into the next day for us."

At this point I knew there was no interview happening. I've gotten done DJing and have wanted to be left the fuck alone and that certainly doesn't require the physical exertion they put out on stage... there is no way they want to deal with me after a couple days with no sleep. So I sent their manager a last ditch text and finally one saying "Your band seems pretty busy. I'll just email you some questions if that's cool. Have a good night!" and that was that...

Other highlights were getting to see Curt's famous ass for more than 5 seconds. It was his birthday and I got him the stupidest gift ever so I'm not even going to mention it. But it was nice to see him and Flosstradamus fucking killed it on the dance stage before Kanye took the main stage.

I told you guys I would get videos and pictures up from Lolla... and here you go!

And since these are all Radiohead videos... how about this gem?

Radiohead- "Follow Me Around"

And here is the cream of the crop video...

Ok that's it for now... it's taken me over 12 hours to write this post. Don't expect a lot out of me this week!

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