Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just in time for "Summer" and the war is over...

Oh kids...

First off I hope you like the new layout! The other one was just a little cramped and I was having trouble moving things around. Hope you can all get down on this!

I hear people talking about classes and I realize that we are not far away from it being fall! I mean granted global warming has totally fucking destroyed any ability to predict weather (at least in the Midwest)... but summer is winding down kids. That's right; time for high school couples to break up (and then get STI's at uni), time to bust out the jackets (well at least the light ones), and time to have at it one last time (at least)...

Now, my life is confined to:

Going to work.

Working on other people's work outside of work (hard to explain).

Writing this blog.

Seeing my wife for like 5 seconds and watching X-Files.

Waking in a stupor from too much Diphenhydramine.

Repeat. I'm not going to have some lager soaked, 'what happened over the weekend?', wild as hell summer blow out. My life is like the first album by The Rakes except for without all the booze and casual sex. So it's actually nothing like that at all. But needless to say, only 2 of those things are keeping me sane (wife and blog duh). My end of summer will be savoring the time I have with wifey before her classes start. After that it's me and the cat and the computer... blah...

ANYWAY... before we all descend in to boring-routine-ville let's have a little blast of summer here!

First one up is by NYC rockers Shy Child. I took a long time getting into them because I was really into Supersystem (which was the other half of El Guapo, a band that split up and produced Shy Child and the latter band) and just wasn't ready for more music like that. Not too surprisingly, Shy Child do sound somewhat like Supersystem... and now that Supersystem have broken up I'm way into them lol. I was on eMusic yesterday and found this gem which dance rock kids and dubstep heads will be all over...

Shy Child- "Summer (MRK1 Remix)" YSI

Shy Child- "Summer (MRK1 Remix)" zShare

Here's the video for the original...

I really like the original of that song and suggest you download that as well. I know they're from NYC but MRK1 is from Manchester so it makes it perfect Albion fodder. You know, he just released a dope single so I'm going to post the b-side. Hope he doesn't mind :) You should totally pick up his first two albums... one is as Mark One and the other MRK1. Both are future classics, not unlike Distance, Burial, Kode 9, and Skream... dope shit.

MRK1- "Steppa Delights" YSI

While on the summer theme... I was listening to the new Primal Scream yesterday and I really think the track "Beautiful Summer" is the best song on there (next to the "Can't Go Back")... I'm not sure how I feel about the album yet though. It must be hard having written Screamadelica, Vanishing Point, XTRMNTR, and Evil Heat... how do you top those albums? I mean, I'm sure other people like different albums better than those, but the point is, can anyone keep up constant quality like that? I guess it's going to take a few more listens for me to tell! In the meantime...

Primal Scream- "Beautiful Summer" YSI

Lastly, I just had to post this after listening to it over and over. I normally go to the source for these things but this is obviously a "leaked" copy, so I can't imagine the label having a problem with this... this new Franz Ferdinand song is too dope. I hope it's not so dope I get C&D'ed or something. I'M TRYING TO PLUG THE SINGLE GUYS lol. Anyway, this will totally dominate your stereo in the near future any way you cut it... here's your first taste...

Franz Ferdinand- "Lucid Dreams" YSI

And just for fun... I just downloaded this Surkin remix of M.I.A.'s "Sunshowers"... Just to keep the summer vibe going :)
M.I.A.- "Sunshowers (Surkin Remix)" Mediafire

Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it or not but I did a guest post over at the wife's blog, Polkadot Gumball. That blog is going to be the perfect fit the city dwelling (or city minded) girl who doesn't want to be a hipster washout... I really like what she's done with it and was honoured to be invited to post. Granted, we may share a bed, but it's still a big deal to invite someone to write in your blog!

AND BEFORE I GO... I know I've plugged it once in the last 7 days, but Frankmusik's new free EP went up yesterday and it's really fucking good. He'd given me one of the tracks a couple weeks ago and I was salivating over the idea of rest of them.

Annnnnnndddddddddd... one of the lovely people at Bang On Public Relations did me a MAJOR solid and did and interview with Foals for me because mine got all messed up. I got shut down by everyone (even, politely, by her) trying to follow up on the "missed interview" at Lollpalooza, but then she emailed me and said "Ok, send me the questions". So, hopefully, you'll be seeing/hearing that interview in the next couple days! Big ups to Bang On and Foals for real!

See you guys soon. I'm turning comments on so tell me what you think :)

LAST NOTE: The new Bloc Party album comes out tomorrow! Make sure you actually BUY the damn thing. Once again, it shows bands (and labels) that digital music can work! Eventually it will just be you, me, and the bands. The bands will have their own labels and release their own shit and have all their own rights (so they don't get raped). A&R people will merely help radio programming and the people will dictate what they REALLY like not what they are told to like. But then again, you already knew that because you read blogs lol... Here's the track listing...

The track listing for Intimacy:
05.Trojan Horse
07.One Month Off
09.Better Than Heaven
10.Ion Square

Buy the album at

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